Sampling Slovenia | Digitakt Showcase

Hi lovely Elektronauts cummunity !

Made another sampling video. This time I went to Slovenia and sampled the capital Ljubljana, waterfalls, and all kinds of stuff during hikes through Slovenia’s beautiful nature! I then show you how I create a full techno track using only those samples. Hope this video is useful as well as I show some of the techniques I use.

I made this video snappier and a bit quicker than previous sampling video’s. Curious what you all think of it. Please let me know in the comments here or on YouTube. And any questions are welcome as well. Would be lovely if you could subscribe to the channel in case you like this video.



Thank you so much Dave! I watch most of your videos, they are so inspiring I went and bought myself a field recorder :grin: Fantastic. Blessings.



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the pace of this video is excellent.

the track produced is also excellent.

Excellent work over there, Mech, excellent work.


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Cheers @PlumWrinkles & @thoughtstarZ :slight_smile: thanks !

@tonispeck cool! Enjoy! It’s a lot of fun

I have made the samples available for free here:

And you can listen/buy the track here:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


cool video :slight_smile: