Sampling on the MD vs OT

Hey y’all.

Do I want to waste one or two tracks on my MD for sampling and playback, when I have an Octatrack for sampling? I’m not sure there are any upsides to the MD’s sampling, compared with the OT, other than the lower bitrate (and more LFO’s). Or am I missing something?

MD Max recording time is 2 bars, 12 bits mono, so I definitely prefer OT, if you prefer MD sound, that’s up to you.

I’d rather use MD sampling / resampling creatively, as an fx.
1 RAM R track to record, trigs every 2 steps.
1 RAM P track to record, trigs every 2 steps.
Plock, pitch up / down, retrigger, filter…
Feedback is possible.
AFAIK no possibility to loop a recording, unless you load it again with C6 and activate the loop option.

For the MD? 16 or less if you use CTR machines. 48 lfos for OT.
You can use more lfos on one track for MD but in real life, more than 2 is difficult.

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having, for example, a ram track resampling a single sound on the MD can lead to / aid much livelier rhythms. not using it is a crime imo.

if you’re using the MD for beats id use all its resampling & modulation tracks to the full, and only then go about resampling the MD on the OT. would be my 2c.

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Much prefer on the MD, only because it felt so much more intuitive.

I don’t think so, but I began with OT. :content:

OT has a dedicated recorder per audio track. You don’t have to load a machine for that. To play a recording select a FLEX > select corresponding Recording. Not that difficult!
I found it longer with the MD.

With OT you can plock any recording on any step of any track!

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Idk… I had an OT before I got the UW (had non-UW before that though) and I just never jelled with the resampling. It’s likely that I didn’t take the time to learn the OT properly but I always felt so taken out of the workflow when I had to go to the record page and mess around to set trigs and then having to go back to take the trig away.

I like to set the RAM record and play tracks next to each other and just mash the buttons manually, plus with the dial you can do back and forth with lighting speed if you need to.I think the OT was just too complex for my simple brain, the UW does everything I want resampling wise which is glorified stutter/glitch stuff.

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OT is my go to tool for sampling tricks. So many options of customisation make it a very useful tool. If you can think of it, the OT can achieve it!

The MD though, to me, adds a really nice character to samples. It’s sampling has got me the closest to a crunchy, slightly distorted sound that I desire. It’s so easy to achieve. Lately I’ve just been resampling and tweaking for hours just using the MD’s internal sounds… So good!

Sometimes I find the MD a bit more cumbersome to use for sampling than the OT. Maybe that’s because I just don’t have the same muscle memory for it as yet.