Samples, Sysex and Catalina

Hey there, this is probably a noob question but I can’t seem to find a thorough explanation anywhere online. I am running Catalina on Mac, which doesn’t support anything less than 64 bit software. Since c6 won’t work, I have tried using sysex librarian, but am just completely lost as to how this is supposed to work. I have no idea how to get WAV samples turned into SYX files. Can anyone give me any pointers? Been struggling for a couple weeks trying to figure this out. Thanks

If I recall correctly, the Machinedrum uses MIDI Sample Dump Standard but perhaps there is some additional magic involved. Have you seen @JustinValer Minicommand MCL Live? It does all kinds of stuff and he would probably know more about the specifics of the SDS.

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Thanks a ton, will check it out.

There is also forthcoming MDEdit which gets at the Catalina issue (see the end of this thread MDEdit : MachineDrum Editor and Librarian). It’s not quite out yet though.

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Oh that’s relieving. Thank you