Samples, Sysex and Catalina

Hey there, this is probably a noob question but I can’t seem to find a thorough explanation anywhere online. I am running Catalina on Mac, which doesn’t support anything less than 64 bit software. Since c6 won’t work, I have tried using sysex librarian, but am just completely lost as to how this is supposed to work. I have no idea how to get WAV samples turned into SYX files. Can anyone give me any pointers? Been struggling for a couple weeks trying to figure this out. Thanks

If I recall correctly, the Machinedrum uses MIDI Sample Dump Standard but perhaps there is some additional magic involved. Have you seen @JustinValer Minicommand MCL Live? It does all kinds of stuff and he would probably know more about the specifics of the SDS.

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Thanks a ton, will check it out.

There is also forthcoming MDEdit which gets at the Catalina issue (see the end of this thread MDEdit : MachineDrum Editor and Librarian). It’s not quite out yet though.

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Oh that’s relieving. Thank you

Looking for a converter that can produce .syx.

Running Mac OS Catalina, going to use Sysex Librarian to transfer files to MDUW once I get the correct file type.

CabLab doesn’t seem to be intended for this.

I will be able to use C6 on another machine for a batch of conversions but it would be really nice to find something to use on Catalina

Any ideas?

If you’re comfortable with command line interface, try libsndfile tools.


Also, consider MegaCommand :slight_smile: