Samples and the +Drive

New MK1 user with the latest OS installed.

Maybe I’m missing something or just not following, but am I only allowed 128 samples up to 64MBs total or is there a way to load more and access them using the +Drive?

Feeling super confused :woman_shrugging:t2: Please help.

I guess you are talking about the 128 sample slots per “project”? This is true, indeed.

The +Drive is a separate storage place with much more capacity.


On rytm you have:

  • 1 GB sample memory capacity in total

  • 4096 sounds (+Drive Sound library)

  • 128 Sounds (per project)

  • 64MB project RAM


I must be doing something wrong then. Even when I start a new Project, the samples from the previous project still show up and Im not able to load new ones.

head scratching

Seems to be …

I use GLOBAL/PROJECT/LOAD PROJECT … scroll down until “NEW PROJECT” is displayed, select this, hit “Yes”, and the new project has empty sample slots.


I will definitely try again and will post results when I have them. Hold tight folks.

still at a loss

is there a way to delete everything on the AR and start fresh? Resets don’t seem to work the way I had hoped.

I use the Elektron Transfer App.

Have you checked out this page? It has the download link for the Transfer App as well as an FAQ that I never read before and am finding quite interesting.

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wow :open_mouth: figured it out. I was using the 3rd party SDS Drop App and had it configured incorrectly.

Growing pains.

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Thanks for all of your help everyone. Probably should have mentioned that in the first place :1st_place_medal:

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