Sampler with potentiometers

I love my DT
the best experiences I’ve had with electronic instruments, have been with instruments that have physical limits
Aka in most cases potentiometers as opposed to encoders.
I notice that having a fixed knob position that relates to a particular freq/texture/speed/etc opens up the tangible experience of the instrument to me.
I’m more easily able to learn how to express myself through physical interactions with the instrument.
Because of an encoders inherent nature— being disconnected , the midi value from the physical position of the knob—I cant create a physical, tangible connection to the instruments mechanics.

I so want a sampler with potentiometers

Any suggestions?
Do I need to get a degree and make this? :wink::rofl:

I love moog for this reason :man_shrugging:t2:

Side note

I am incredibly thankful and impressed by this online community’s ability to support, include, and encourage everyone to succeed. Everyone should be proud. ESPECIALLY THE MODS

Map a MIDI controller with pots on it.



Hold up. When you turn a knob ( any knob ) on any device be it synth sampler or otherwise, do you hear a change in the sound? If so, then there is a direct relationship between turning the knob, and the sound.

Which Moog do you have? Unless it is an old one, or one of the semi modular ones, those knobs are also encoders, sending and recieving midi data for patch recalling, midi interfacing and so on.

Digitakt has encoders, maybe you should get a digitakt.

Akai S612 has giant sliders for manipulating start and end points. You could also try a eurorack sampler like the Morphagene.

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Korg es1 and esx both use pots instead of encoders


Edited and fixed. I have a dt

Roland VP9000
Akai s612

what about model samples?

Model:Samples has encoders.

Probaply best to get a Electribe ESX or try eurorack samplers like the 4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler, Make Noise Morphagene, ALM Squid Salmpler, Rossum Assimil8or etc.