Sample start trick

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Last night I was messing around with making a groove, and had a happy accident.

At 1:00 into it, I went to the source page and messed with the sample STRT (typical DT stuff), and I got these really interesting rhythms from the sample I was using.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s happening…

As an experiment I set up an LFO with a rate of 0, so that I could use the depth for sample STRT without it moving. Then I P-Locked the trigs to use different parts of the sample.

While the pattern is playing, when I move the [SRC] STRT, it remove some of the trigs, and it’s quite fun to play with!

Maybe there’s another way to do this, but when I tried using [SRC] STRT for the P-Locks I don’t get the same result. Going through the LFO, gives you some extra mojo somehow.

Edit: I figured out what it’s doing, it adds the 2 start values together (one from SRC STRT, and one from the LFO) . The effect is that SRC STRT moves all the trigs forward in the sample by that same amount. That’s why you hear different trigs drop out as they are playing the blank spaces in the sample.

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I often use lfo on sample start because for some reason it creates a retrig type effect. I especially like to use a random lfo for this, gives nice variation.


After looking at this more, it’s hard to call it a “trick” as it’s really just how the DT was designed to work.

This “trick” works better if you P-Lock the [SRC] STRT on trigs, and then use a static LFO to tweak the SAMP STRT manually using the DEP knob.

For any value the LFO works on it’s a +/- delta, which is what you would expect.

It’s still cool to shift the SAMP STRT on all trigs on a track with a single knob to get variance, but not as clever as I first thought.

For example if you apply this same “trick” to [FLTR] FREQ, it’s not surprising at all that the LFO DEP applies as a +/- delta to all trigs and P-Locks. because that’s how it’s intended to work.

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Yes - I agree, and have found that a random LFO on SAMP STRT with a small DEP works great on h-hats.

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Oh I like this. Thanks for sharing