Sample pool full

“sample pool full”

Q: why is my sound pool being described as full?

Have tried: sound manager.
Problem: it lists sound pool as having samples populating sound pool slots #1-63.

So on another planet with a 63 slot sound pool, I would understand why the sound pool is reading as full .

However, under the “SRC” button, there are 128 samples populating what I, for lack of better knowledge, call the “sound pool”

So, why do I see 63 sounds in the sound manager when I “view pool”
and then have 128 samples listed under my SCR menu?

thanks in advance.

OOH never mind.
They are hilarious.
They say “sound pool is full”
but then CHANGE THE NAME OF IT to make it a headache to find! Where it counts, they call it “View Ram.”
Secret code: “sound pool” means Ram. Which, of course makes sense.
So when your sound pool is full hit the gear symbol / samples / view RAM (SECRET CODE FOR SOUND POOL) and then you can “un-load” samples from your sound pool.


As you are talking about samples and SRC menu, I believe it’s not Digitone (DN) but Digitakt (DT) you’re talking about. I thus moved the discussion in the right category (please pay more attention next time).

All samples (.wav files) are on DT’s disk (+Drive): only limit is the 1 GB space, and they are available across all your projects.
Samples can be loaded in the 64 MB RAM to be used as is in your project. In each project you will have a different list of loaded samples.

Tip: to load samples, I usually enter SRC menu, choose an empty slot and hit Fn+Yes.

Other tip: order your favorite sounds in a special folder, where you will select all and load samples to RAM when you start a project.

You can also save “Sounds”, i.e. both the sample and all the parameters (Filter, LFO, etc.): 2048 Sounds can be stored on DT’s +Drive library (256 Sounds in each bank A-H).
The Sound pool can be used to store up to 128 Sounds that will be available in your project
Such Sounds are mainly used for Sound locks (Grid mode > hold a trig > turn Level encoder).

All of this is explained in detail in the manual. You will have a better comprehension of the machine if you take time to read it from A to Z.
If you have remarks on this document, hit @eangman on the documentation thread.

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