Sample lock menu not working?


Greetings folk – I’ve been working with the OT for about 7 months now and have a fairly solid understanding of most of the features necessary to my method of production coming from other hardware sequencer samplers.

I’m presently trying to re-organize a bunch of samples within one project to attempt to merge it with another without overlapping sample slots (very patiently awaiting OctaEdit v2 but have no idea when that will be coming…so I’m doing things the hard way) - my first attempt almost worked, but anything recorded in “slot” mode was all out of whack, so I’m trying to resort sample banks and attempt again.

Anyway – in trying to lock certain samples, I’m finding that the TRIG+Up/Down (or Level scroll) isn’t doing anything. I’ve tried every manner of combinations of FUNC+TRIG+UP, etc, and nothing seems to take me into the Sample Lock dialog. Am I missing something?



Are you in grid recording mode (press only REC)?


So you can with certain samples, and not with others.
Maybe wrong file path in the project file.
Any error message, icon?
How did you proceed to merge your projects?

@Rusty ?


First/obvious question is if you are in the correct mode?

Bogged down in very heavy testing and optimization :expressionless:

Waves at @sezare56


I don’t get it.
What do you mean?

After 7 months I hope so!


After 8 years, I still struggle with the play button!


And me with the stop button! But I found a workaround.

Try holding STOP and press PLAY, instant pattern retrig fun!


Doesn’t get old :smiley:

Also waving at @sezare56

(you know, raising my hand and waving it left and right in your direction)


Ok so here is a tutorial, how to merge 3 projects in one :


Did you ping me on Facebook?


Okay…moron alert! I wasn’t in grid record mode! A slight little omission on the Elektron manual side I suppose since I’ve not really needed to access this function quite yet.

As for how I’m merging—
ping-ponging between OT and USB-disk mode to re-name and re-arrange banks and spent 3 hours yesterday making a spreadsheet – yes, a spreadsheet – of every sample allocation per part and every sample allocation per static/flex machine and bank/slot.

I still don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I thought “hey, those first few experiments weren’t so great for the first 2 months…let’s start a new project and from scratch!” and then after getting more comfortable with the OT going back and turning the first experiments into usable songs… :expressionless: … now the pain of realizing that mistake is doing me in with bookings on the horizon and this self-made mess! Ha!


@tnussb won a free OT! MKI or MKII?



I started eons ago in the 90s on a Yamaha RS7000, then went through all manner of incarnations of Yamaha, Korg, and other sequencers and samplers + a handful of different synths. When I got the OT MKII, I swore I’d never been so in love with a sequencer…until I realized it’s got no true file management capacity for intra-project/set banks and patterns…seriously debilitating lack of foresight imho, but I still love the hell out of this thing.


I still do it. When I’m just experimenting, I leave the PROJECT… name as it is and SAVE AS NEW after if it worth something.
Hundreds of projects, full card. A project is around 22 MB by default IIRC.


Yup…it’s easy to do in the creative flow…that’s why it’s mind-boggling Elektron didn’t think to adapt to the fact people don’t create in a static linear fashion, and I only found out after starting the new project that there was no simple way to merge projects…until I discovered OE and a few days after i found out about it, it went into beta for v2 :joy:


A copy bank function would help A LOT!
OctaEdit, or carefull and methodic procedure to merge projects. I think I’d be able to do it as I succeeded with 2 simple projects but it’s PITA.

Same with MC303.


MKII, for sure. More buttons, more fun :smiley:

Well, that’s part of the learning process I guess. Isn’t it? Quick and dirty is fun and fine until you let it grows too large especially with hardware where a kind of overview is missing and re-organisation becomes a real nightmare.

At least the OT can be connected to a computer as a simple USB drive (a big plus in my books). So you can swap projects in and out very fast or transfer everything to a larger card (you haven’t filled up a 64GB card, have you?)

As software developer I really hate to use special transfer programs. They are so restrictive which platforms they run on and they provide in most cases only a minor subset of functionalities compared to standard file browsers.


Sure. I didn’t buy a 64GB card. Planned for Christmas but a guitar fx won.
Not very important, I’m still experimenting, no time for serious projects / live for the moment.
Ok I’ll buy it in March for my birthday!

Main problem : I have 5 computers at home, none are working properly. Hardware problems. I prefer to use OT rather than to fix them. The best one have 1 third of the screen broken, on the left.

Me too. What if the manufacturer don’t develop software anymore with new OS?
I don’t especially like sysex transfert.

OT is great for that.