Sale agreed - please close


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Hi All,

Posted & sold a few times here. You might (or might not) remember I was selling some things due to imminent arrival of my son.

3 months down the line and it’s clear that I’m not going to be getting any music made for the foreseeable future due to child care (my hat comes off to those who do) so I’m packing up the hardware and I’ll have to settle for ITB when I can and the funds will be going towards the endless supply of nappies.

As I say I’ve sold things here and also can be found on eBay (Morkcallingorsen) with a 100% rating. I’m genuine and would like to deal with the same please.

I’d rather sell here than ‘Fee-Bay’ so open to sensible & polite offers & payment via PayPal. Don’t take it personally if i decline your offer, I need to look after Junior & it’s not my intention to upset anyone. Daft offers will be ignored.

All items would be securely packed & tracked. P&P not included - we’d agree the method. Prepared to split the cost with buyer if the offer is sensible. :+1:

Photos & further details incoming (when I get a hand free). All devices home use only from a smoke free home.

Analog Rytm - Mk1. Again Home use only. Traded my Octatrack for this and love it more than any other machine I’ve had. Really got on with it but as above - surplus to requirements :sob: It’s gathering dust. PSU, elektron plastic cover (covered in stickers), USB cable, box. Will come with black wood side panels. £700 Has pretty much all the elektron sample packs on it. I’d rather keep this if i could…

Sale agreed please close

Bumping to move


Yea… I am still fooling myself I can get it done somehow … and our youngest is almost 2 now.

Thinking of selling a lot … and move full ITB in combination with a multitrack hardware looper…

Good luck with the sales!


Cheers @TonyDS here’s me thinking I’d manage to balance the time - just not happening :joy: :sob:


…on the other hand, I start to notice toddlers loose interest really fast when there is little or no screen estate. Was playing with a drummachine+moog m32 after work and no interest at all this time.

Took out the ipad and laptop an hour later and the show was over :clapper:




Overhub gone


Bump and price drop


Hey, I’m quite interested in the dual stand. Could you post a pic?



There you go @Augenadler seems I’ve only got 7/8 screws but I’ll keep looking - should be easy enough to source alternatives if I can’t find them (possibly up the hoover)


I have screws enoigh, but they are bot the kind of stand I am looking for, sorry. Thanks for the pic though!


No worries :+1:


Bump. Will drop AK to £650 and AR to £700. UK only


Wow… that are really cheapos!


Bump. Only AR & overhub remain