Safe to run Transfer on Linux Wine?


Does anyone know if there’s any risk involved in trying to upload audio to Digitakt using the Transfer applicaiton running on Linux (Wine)?
Naturally I wouldn’t try to do a firmware upgrade this way, but it should be safe to simply transfer audio? (If it even runs, haven’t tested it yet)


If you’re running Linux, you’re already open to some level of risk that things simply might not work as expected the first time. But what a great opportunity to discover is it does work. Isn’t that part of the fun? It’s just file transfer. It either works, or it doesn’t. No real risk beyond that. Double-click and find out.


@martibs how did you go with running the Elektron transfer utility under wine? Mine crashes half a minute after trying to transfer audio files.

Running wine on Manjaro.


Yeah, same thing here. The application runs fine, and it connects to the unit, however it crashes when trying to actually transfer the files.

I haven’t tried messing around with the MIDI/USB settings on the Digitakt, worth a shot, I guess.


anyone tried using crunch (the web based one) ?
it has a few more/different functions than the official one too …

might be easier to run direct in linux via browser , but i have no clue … havent used linux.


I tried it briefly just to see if it works. And it does :slightly_smiling_face:

Encountered a couple of bugs, but both send and transfer tested ok. Running Chromium on Fedora 28, Digitakt v 1.10.