S/PDIF as extra out?

Hi all,
I’ve been using a focusrite 8i6 for a year or so, but now with an FX pedal and my desire to route ableton into the OT i am getting frustrated, i’m missing one pair of outs… it should have 6 but i found out that 2 of those 6 are for the single S’PDIF out.

Is it usable in routing? I’m assuming it’s stereo, but i’m not finding SDIF to Jack cables.

Would love to not have to upgrade my interface…

Since S/PDIF is digital, you’ll need a D/A converter.

I can’t recommend any particular unit, but I see there are some around when I google “spdif to analog”.

I’ve always wanted a Roland DA400 but they’re rare.

If you want to get really complex, you can add a Roland MX-1 to your setup … because it magically has S/PDIF.

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Hmm I prefer to not get a seperate box to bypass this issue. Thanks! Seems like i’m better off upgrading my interface or to get a small Mackie mixer or something.

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It’s digital and so it needs a digital input which the OT doesn’t have, you would need a DAC.

Something like this:

IIRC, Lexicon MPX500/550 can also function as a two channel S/PDIF ADC/DAC. Plus you get some nice reverbs.

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You will need to upgrade your interface or buy a separate device that would be the effective equivalent of buying another interface.

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