Rytm with 250 ohm headphones


What do you think can I use 250 ohm Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro headphones with Rytm?
Or I need also headphone AMP?


It works well

No problem


Even low end?


Im using DT 990 250 ohm with my OT and A4 and it works perfectly. No need for a preamp.


I tried mine with 32 ohm versions of the DT770, and my brain turned to mush !


Confirmed. You will need no additional amp.


Thank you!


Same Here, Work perfectly !


Guys. its an old topic, but i dont wanna open another one since my question s related.
So, how are the dt 770 250 ohm with laptop or phone ?


I use 250 DT880’s on everything, and it’s absolutely fine (for my taste) with all devices I’ve used:

  • iPod
  • iPhone’s 5-6s plus.
  • ‘13 MBP Ret.
  • Walkman cassette player. (I think it was a Walkman)


I found the DT880s a little on the soft side and lacking detail and punch on my iPhone and iPad. Even on my Elektron boxes I had to open the volume quite a lot more than on other headphones.


For me, ^this is another pro — it keeps me from being terribly afraid of damaging my hearing. :laughing:

On a serious note: Yes, it’s true that they don’t get as loud as other cans (blame physics), but this has never been an issue for me. :slight_smile:


i think ill go with 80 ohm dt 770. There is a nice review on you tube, apparently they should work fine with laptops and such. I mean, the guy is audiophile, if he is happy , my girlfriend will be too.
Actually ill post a link to this review, i think this guy is doing a great job.