Rytm VST crashes Ableton Live 10

I’ve encountered a bug that crashes my Live 10, every time I open the VST or AU of Rytm, my Ableton crashes immediately or quickly after.
I haven’t updated Overbridge or Live since it was last working with out problems (a couple of days ago)!

I’m on a mac with mojave 10.14.6
ableton 10.1
analog rytm mk 1.46_BETA1
overbridge Beta

At first I had plugged my focusrite 2i2 interface in to produce via my monitors instead of headphones plugged directly into my mac. (which I did the last time)
So I figured the problem might have been the interface being connected with the rytm via a usb hub. But, the problem still persists when I unplug everything else…
What to do? Thanks a lot in advance. Overbridge has been a huge part of my workflow with rytm and four, so this problem is becoming extremely annoying!