Rytm triggered with modular, so good!


Hi guys! Don’t know if someone tried this already, but yesterday I had great results triggering Rytm with my 4ms modules (RCD and SCM) and Pamela’s Workout. Just bought two mutable instruments Grids for this, but I have to wait some days for receive them

If someone is interested in something similar, try it with Alesis Trigger I/O, works perfect after some careful adjustments of the triggers behaviour, and is amazing for crazy new patterns or off the grid on the fly stuff :imp:


ahhh, so can every track be triggered? i love this on a machinedrum, albeit only 2 tracks :]


mmh how do you trigger them ?


must be some sort of CV controlled robot hitting the pads


mmhh ok you have to use the Alesis Trigger IO to convert trig to midi


Yes! Sending triggers from eurorack modules to alesis trigger i/o, then sent via midi to Rytm, all midi channels in C3 and different midi channel for each of the tracks of Rytm (Track 1 - Midi Ch 1 - C3), (Tracks 2 - Midi Ch 2 - C3), etc… Works tight!


omg I totally need that in my life…


Very cool. :+1:

I’ve been triggering drum modules in the modular with the individual audio outs of the Rytm. You can make short pulses with pretty much any of the engines (or just use samples) and send these to the trigger inputs of the modules.

You can use this to send a clock pulse too of course.

Triggering drum modules in this way is really cool because the mutes on the Rytm actually stop the signal going out of the individual outs, perfect triggers!

This is a really nice feature, which is quite underrated imo.


How’s the latency with this CV-to-MIDI conversion?


no latency, modular clocked from ableton with Sync Gen II LE and this triggering diverse modules to alesis i/o, then the conversion to midi with i/o seems to be tight, because you play some drums on ableton or the metronome and all is on perfect sync

one thing i discovered is that if you clock the Rytm at same time that you trigger with the modular, it reads midi trigs + sequencer so a new universe of modulation is possible with that combo adding p.locks and also triggering live, can’t wait to try it with Grids, will be amazing


would it be possible to somehow sample a clock pulse and use an individual out to trigger a modular?


I am having trouble getting my analog rytm to clock my modular (specifically a make noise rene) any chance anyone could give me an idiots guide in how to generate a short pulse/clock from either the synth engines or a sample. I tried outputting a square wave/ pulse sample but no joy.


You may have to send the pulse/square wave/gate sound through an amplifier module to get enough level.

I’m using a Circuit Abbey Gozinta for this but most amps would do it.


Ok I get it , cheers for the reply. That Gozinta looks pretty handy. I have an Intellijel Linix VCA but it doesn’t seem able to bring line level stuff up to modular levels, unless I’m being an idiot again. Anyway thanks again.


I’ve got a Linix too. It is really just a bunch of VCA’s, which in effect are actually voltage controlled attenuators.

Most VCA’s are not actually amplifiers at all, they won’t raise the level any more than when it enters, they just use voltage to attenuate.

There are a few good amp modules out there. The Gozinta also has a nice overdrive sound when you hit it with modular levels. :imp:


I had problems with my MD triggering the modular till i realised they needed to be accent notes to be loud enough


I use a Doepfer a-138d to amp the signal, its cheap and handy. But I just wish i could use the rytm as a proper sequencer instead. I Think its completely ridicules it cant.


Thanks … Finally accent of course.


I use this to get all the modules’ triggers converted to MIDI for the AR.

Works great.



So previously I was using the Impulse machine on high AMP and Accent settings to clock the Modular. My Issue was Rene Mk1 was not sensitive enough to run with a lower level click out that RYTM was generating. I used a combination of Hi Velocity, High Amp, Peak filter with High Resonance and it would clock the Rene successfully.

Since then other modules have come and gone and I found the Pico Seq from Erica to be easily clockable with impulse. Metropolis as well needs some extra level but still better than the Rene which was deaf by comparision.

Currently I’m using a clock sample in Octratrack Mk2 on channel 8 Muted to main mix but about +25 on CUE output A to clock the modular, This is now solid. And my preferred choice as Octa clocks the Rytm and Modular as the setup Master Clock. Benefit too is I can use the SD on RYTM as Dual VCO or other machine too.

I say this as I do not have a Midi to Trig/Clock module and would rather save the HP.