RYTM Pad (mis)Triggering


Pads have been working fine in all modes but today I noticed that the CY pad was triggering sometimes if I tapped the pads close by or even on the chassis close by, especially near the track button. Has anyone else seen this?

All other pads are solid and the encoders are fine too - it’s a used machine but well looked after, it’s not been hammered.

I’ve got a gig I need it for in a few weeks so I’m hoping that there might be a ‘clean the contacts’ type fix.


I had this happening with my SD 2 pad a few weeks ago sometimes when I would press the LT 6 pad. Now the SD 2 pad appears to be dead and won’t respond to touch at all, although it does light appropriately (e.g. in sequences and when I press the related trig button) and everything else seems perfect. I’ve submitted a support ticket and am hoping Elektron can get it sorted out for me.


I’ve also submitted a support ticket, I suspect yours will get dealt with first but it I get any fix advice I’ll certainly re-post it here.


I bought mine from Musician’s Friend 2 months ago as “Mint B-Stock”. It showed up and would occasionally exhibit this behavior. Sometimes it would happen only during the first five minutes after startup and go away. It went away for a while, but today I fired it up and the pads exhibited no response at all. After five minutes, certain modes returned, but MUTE mode is still frozen up (which is annoying because now 2 pads are permanently muted). Power cycling isn’t helping. Sent a ticket in this morning.
Any update yet?


I had the same problem, had my unit replaced by the retailer. Seems to be a common problem with rytms!


Andrew, you can unmute pads via midi I think if that helps in the interim.


Customer Support and I have narrowed it down to a particular project exhibiting the problem, which is prob a different and less serious issue. Still trying to figure it out, but I’m bowing out of this thread. Thanks! I’ll try the midi thing tonight.


I’ve had sound triggering problems too (MIDI note offs being interpreted by the AR as note ons), and when troubleshooting the prob with elektron, the result was the same - it was project-specific. Seems like this is an insidious bug lying somehwere deep in the code, manifesting only when certain conditions are met.

Hoping it will be eventually caught and the bug fixed, as it makes using ext pad controllers etc risky


Elektron had my unit back and have fixed this for me, all for the cost of posting the unit to them. They did it really quickly too, I have to say it’s the best customer service I’ve had from any company and though I mostly buy stuff second hand I’m really glad I bought my Elektron boxes direct.


Just encountered the same problem with my rarely used Rytm Mk1.
Since I had nothing to lose, I did a factory reset and now it’s solved.

I don’t know what it was, but I’m glad it’s fixed for now.


sigh … it came back

Looks like my unit will have to go to Sweden for some repairs.