Rytm OS 1.32 speculation

yes, there was
i think in the mkii intro video

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Here’s this:

And in this video at about 3:15 Cenk says that the mk1 will get the new dual vco synth voice…


Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeenk!! Can we plz have ? :disappointed_relieved:

Analog rytm OS updates? it’s still OS 1.31B and version 2 is on OS 1.40 (I tought they would get them at the same level?)

Dissapointed in the new elektron move to blame all users that make elektron big with the first units.
Seems this discontinue the first versions

as we still can not use the Elektron Transfer 1.1 software and OS have 2 different versions

I’m also very frustrated and disappointed with Elektron these days.
The answer to your question is the same it’s been for a very long time, MK1 receives update with new OB update. OB update is becoming a joke as you can see all the funny meme’s about the long, ridiculous wait and the missed etas.

MK1’s seem to be the forgotten step child now if you looked at Elektron’s attitude for the past year.
Simon is literally the only person who cares to mention anything about it anymore and he has yet to give any solid info on when this OB update is going to happen, just a promise that it’s coming.

I’d like to know how MK2 units can be updated without OB update but MK1 cannot. My only guess is that they don’t want to mess up MK1 OB compatibility right now as they fear the anger that could stem from that. Personally, OB is cool but not even remotely necessary. I would much prefer an updated hardware machine that can manage samples then a vst screen that forces me to look at my computer and the RYTM as OB is not a complete solution (i.e. no sequencer editing).

At this point, I’m not even going to be excited when sample management finally arrives. Part of me wonders if Elektron thinks everyone is going be like “yay, thanks guys,” when really it will probably be like “about flipping time…”


Why the OS of AR2 is on 1.40 and the OS of AR1 is still on 1.31B

I tought the units would kept the same.
Dissapointed elektron gear user here.

WHEN ARE YOU GUYS UPDATE? 'M not in interested in the LOOKS of THE second gen versions.

what’s frustrating is that the Transfer App and Dual VCO HAVE been done for ages now.
But they made a mistake in coupling the OB update with the new OS version to the point where updating to the new OS would somehow break the OLD Overbridge. So now we have to wait ages for functionality that’s been ready for many many months. It was a bad assumption on their part in assuming OB wouldnt take as long it has been

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To be honest I have just had my rytm mk1 for just over a year now and it is very stable. I haven’t had any issues with it besides just learning how to use it. However; since the release of the mkii and the fiasco of it’s OS problems I’m happy that I didn’t get gassed and upgrade to the newer version. If the mkii OS is not completely bug free and stable, I definitely wouldn’t want my mki becoming unstable in the same way. Yes, like others I’m loooking forward to the eventual OS upgrade, free Overbridge app and a smoother transfer app when it comes. But I don’t want to have a buggy bricked mki cause the design team rushed it out the door. I would be super frustrated if my current mki had issues the way the current mkii does. Most of my gear is bought online so returning broken units is a real hassle in Japan unless you get it directly from a brick and mortar retailer, Then the prices are super expensive.

However long it takes Elektron get it right before the mki OS rollout. Mki users are using a stable system now.

My two cents. It is already March and they mentioned Feb 2018. But I guess it comes when it comes. I’m happy with the Stable, Stable, Stable mki I have now.


I hope we can get the quantization menu fixed… Why can’t I use the E-knob to set track quantize and A-knob to set the global quantize? The way it is now makes 0 sense and annoys me every time.

Other than that. I really hope a librarian is possible and on the way.


Yes, for users that don’t use overbridge then the choice to upgrade the firmware to 1.2 should ideally be made possible…in an ideal world and all that.

As an owner of Rytm MK1 I am starting to feel like an unloved step child, no OS update and no promised sample transfer program.

I own a Digitone and I am not falling all over the place pinning after Overbridge. I just want Elecktron to focus on the Rytm Mk1 and maybe a it is bit of nostalgia on my part for the way the Machine Drum users et al were treated with frequent updates and promised features delivered!


An update is unfortunately unlikely. Hell, their flagship ARmk2 hasn’t gotten its dual oscillator synth machine that was in the product video when it came out! Super frustrating.

My inner critical thinker is starting think the reason why there is no Mk1 updates is to drive sales of the MK2, which is a bit lacklustre with its additional features and has had it share of bugs.

i hear you, legacy in 4 years. in comparison md had 10+

it’s a beautiful box though, works really well, sounds huge.
don’t use overbridge so not in that disgruntled camp.

would enjoy some more machines for sure. and a midi record on/off for each track in global.

but there’s a whole lot of irresistible charm in the mk1s noise floor and black exterior

md mk1 was legacy in less than 10

don’t wanna get into a titfortat thing but the MDmk1s OS update was concurrent with the mk2s

i’m not bitter about it regardless. love the :elan:

Elektron said they were going to update the OSes in parallel- it’s just hindered by waiting for OB that’s creating the divide between boxes


it’s identical in spec to its successor and it’s well known that the updates will apply to the Mk1 on the basis that the architecture is identical with the exception of a few extras on the mk2 not available on the mk1

indeed mk1s will see improvements in performance with the new OB beyond the existing working OB

so it’s a bit early to write it off as legacy in terms of support - the next release will probably be for OB2 support and offer the DVCO and presumably support within Transfer too

none of this is news

this is not the official position, far from it in fact


When thou? 4 years in and no transfer app

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