Rytm MKII Screensaver

The release notes for 1.45 say “MKII Screensaver added”.
What is this? Flying toasters? How long does it take for screensaver to kick in?
I must know.
Dave Z

The screen dims after the machine hasn’t been touched for a bit.

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Feature request: Flying toasters screensaver!


Is there a technological limitation that means this can’t be added to the mk1 firmware? I appreciate that the LCD maybe can’t be dimmed, but it could be turned off after an idle period?

Hm. Is there a setting somewhere? My display does not turn off at all… Thx

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It just gets dim, does not turn off.

Thanks Zijnvelt. Now I saw it, very subtle difference :slight_smile: Guess that is good enough for the OLED lifetime.

I wish I could dim all the other LEDs as well, buttons and pads. Will check the feature request thread…

It dims the screen turns off after an hour apparently but I’ve not left it that long to find out… would rather just turn it off as soon as not using it

Does anyone know if the analog series screen is supposed to turn off?
I haven’t seen it yet.
The digitakt, digitone and Octatrack do

Only seen them dim

No they’re not supposed to turn off. I guess that will be in the next release.

They really should like the rest of the Elektrons,
Im always paranoid of leaving it on and burning the screen