Rytm MKII reliabilty

Other than a very few issues reported loudly by a couple people, my understanding is the RYTM is, and has always been, generally a very reliable unit for the vast and silent majority of owners.


Haven’t had a single problem with Rytm mkii


ditto here. my mk2 (1 month old) has no issues either.


kewl beans glad to hear that. I will probably save up this year and see what other things come up. Been using my OT and A4 as drum/bass beat making machines and they do well but I want pads for knocking out beats.

I bought an AR2 from one of the first batches that came out, but it quickly had problems booting up (as in it wouldn’t), so it was returned to Sweetwater. The new replacement unit I got has been trouble free since the get go (about 6 months now). Fingers crossed.


i think at the moment Elektron is not reliable.

problems with overbridge
sticky knobs in digitakt
wrong leds in A4 mk2
wrong pads in AR mk2
Heat MK2 after only 1,5 y MK1
Heat soundcard drivers were pretty bad
I bought a new A4MK2, sold it, the new owner has screen problems and elektron says the machine is on someone elses name (not on my name)… really suchs, because I was the first owner and I dont want problems when I behave honestly!
etc… etc… etc…

You name it, I had problems with it. My store in Holland doesn’t sell elektron at the moment, they say 50% goes back to elektron because of problems, that’s too much!

But… i decided to buy a new AR mk2. New, because I was afraid of having problems
I bought it after positive update stories last week
I also bought it because my AR mk1 was my favorite machine ever… I sold it to buy an MK2, and I was in the situation of not having an instrument for a while.

Now I have the AR MK2
it is great, no problems (yet), just an amazing machine, also the new DuoVCO machine is cool!

I hope the waveform can be seen in the screen when sample is selected, just like digitakt
I hope overbridge will work
we will see…


I bought a brand new Rytm MK 2 a month ago… zero issues.

Sorry Meriphew… didn’t mean to reply specifically to you! That was meant for the OP :slight_smile:


So far zero issues with my MK2 OT and A4. Love both and they pair well together. Saving up now for high end drum machine.

The waiting and the problems I had were nothing
When looking back while playing the new machine
I love this Rytm mk2


It’s an amazing drum machine for sure but my second unit is glitchy too. Some pads will trigger adjacent pads. The kick drum is particularly susceptible.

I can’t stomach dealing with it yet. I’ve a Post-It note beside it that reads “Return before March 2019”.

I won’t go via the retailer as I’ll be out of the loop. I’ll return it direct to Elektron before the warranty runs out. No doubt I’ll have to pay for postage.

I’ve previously owned a Monomachine, a Machinedrum and an Octatrack MKI. They were fine.

Engineers get stuff wrong sometimes or manufacturers can fall foull of issues anywhere along their supply chain. I think Elektron’s no quibble policy with regard to the AR MKII is a tacit acknowledgment something went wrong at some point for some machines. Don’t forget it’s the SAME issue across all the affected units. That’s something other than just the average failure rate for a given product.

I’m not sore at Elektron or claiming their going down the pan. I just don’t want one pad to trigger another when it shouldn’t.


mine is glitch free since the return, only thing is there is something loose inside it , when picked up you can hear it rattle…for me no reason to send it back, but its not how its suposed to be…
did not made me stop to buy the digitone and recently the digitakt also …no i really want and need overbridge

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You have a built in shaker machine!
All joking aside though, it’s a shame for such a great box to be subject to these problems, but at least Elektron are addressing them…


well i could sample the rattle an d use it in my tacks…:slight_smile:


I think sometimes some voices stop sounding
No idea what to do… Sometimes after turning it off an on it works again
Happened twice to me in 2 weeks

You could, you should, I would!:clown_face:

a rattle is a very good reason to send it back

Interested in one but have been scared off by the problems the unit seemed to have a year ago with some hardware specific things like heating etc

One year later is it safe to buy one?

For me, it was safe already one year ago. It’s a great machine, maybe my favorite.
If you buy it new and you recognize any issues, there is money-back and all those things…
Don’t worry too much.

Yeah, have had a AR mkII for about 8 months, use it a lot. It has froze twice, which happened quite awhile ago. I have read of someone’s freezing during a show but the firmware upgrade might have addressed this issue. These are pretty powerful machines and I haven’t been too concerned about mine breaking. That said, I haven’t toured with it or anything like that. They have 3 year warranties so I feel like chronic freezing or bugs should be addressed in the warranty.

It’s been a dream owning it - workflow is amazing.

Yet, I saw a friend’s rytm the other night and the pads weren’t responding correctly, similar to described above. It was a demo unit that sweetwater sent him. just make sure to test your equipment thoroughly when you get it!