Rytm mkII pads bug

last week i’ve purchased a rytm mkII by a local dealer but few minutes after all my hype was disappeared, the pad section was totally glitched in mute and select track mode, in short words muting a track mad others track unmuted and and viceversa, same with the track selection… anyway i’ve updated to last os but nothing is changed so i returned the unit for a new one that arrived today aaaaand… SAME IDENTICAL GLITCHES! updated to last os and recalibrated, nothing has changed… so i returned the unity and now i’m waiting for the third one and this time i’m more scared than hyped… what about the the famous 50million press, quality control etc. ?don’t misunderstand me i love elektron products and own/owned a lot of their machines but damn this is really disappointing.
anyway, somebody else had this kind of problem or i’m the only unlucy?

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Could…It…be…a feature ?

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i hope no ahahah

I have two rytm mk2s and I dont beleive mine do this. It sounds like a calibration bug. I had an mpc live that would randomly trigger pads too.
On the rytms I have noticed that I have to hit some of the pads hard to trigger a sound however in mute mode the lightest tap triggers the pad. I hope you receive a good unit next time otherwise I will have you purchase my next lottery ticket for me.

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I’m not familiar with the Rytm so forgive me as this is out of ignorance, but you’re sure it wasn’t in Solo mode and not Mute mode right?

i hope too.
anyway i think the need to push the pads hard in normal mode is because the pads are sensible to velocity

yes i was in mute mode, but the problem is more about the pads glitchy behavior

I’ve had this issue with both my MKI and now my brand new MKII. Both had to be sent in for repair (in fact my MkII just arrived at Elektron for servicing today). My MkI came back from Elektron in perfect working order (after a pad calibration), so I am hoping for the same for the MkII.


didn’t know it was a mkI issue too, i owned a mkI for years and never had similar problems, anyway i’m sure your will work fine after the calibration

I had the very same pad malfunction. I returned the unit to the shop and got a full refund.
Elektron answered my ticket and said to return the faulty unit to Sweden and they would send a replacement.

Im over the AR, I had two bad units. Shame really, such an amazing potential.
However, if it is unreliable, thats of no use to a performing musician.

I hope you get it sorted soon


wow, feel so bad realizing that this is a common issue, elektron gear is great and has endless features and possibilities, can’t understand why there are all these defective ARMKII units

easy to check this, just disable VEL TO VOL on every voice to take out velocity from the equation

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My ARMkII showed up on my door a couple of hours ago today with a new set of pads installed, courtesy of Elektron. So far, they are working fine. Time will tell, but I’m hopeful.

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mine arrived yesterday, didn’t have much time to try it but for now seems working fine

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This has started happening on my 1 1/2 yr old unit specifically the BT button decides to mute unmute itself and sometimes striking the key does not give a response but one or two more strikes usually brings it back. Opened a support ticket but perhaps my explanation is not great as tech support are not sure they understand my issue and want me to post a video. Haven’t got around to that but i may just give them a link to this thread.

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Should be apparent that my unit is a mk1

never happened on my mkI, anyway there are two or more thread i discovered on this forum with some videos of this kind of issue, in any case i think that the your is a hardware problem since only one pad is affected (mine is just an hypothesis)

hello guys. my AR is only “glitching” in mute mode. when i’m muting or unmuting tracks (especially the BT track), very often the CH pad is muting/unmuting too. it seems like the CH pad is cursed. i thought it was a hardware problem but i’m not experiencing these pad problems in any other mode than mute mode. so my conclusion was it has to be a software problem. im having this for quite a while now, and im still hoping it gets fixed via software patching.
is anyone experiencing the same? it would be great if I didn’t have to send my AR back, as the backup process (in terms of the sample structure) could be more comfortable :confused:
it seems like there is not really another way, but i’d love to hear your opinion on this. thanks

if I understand correctly it also happens when you don’t touch the pad, strange. anyway i think it could be surely a software problem since it happens only in mute mode, try to update os or factory reset or test mode, if you need send it back, it seems that it is the only way

im touching a pad, but not the CH pad :confused: . happens not constantly, but often, can be really annoying. It seems to happen more often when i press the BT Pad than with other pads. Sometimes it is even for a short time (a few seconds) not possible to activate the CH pad again by pressure.
thank you for the tips, i will try them and give feedback