Rytm mkII doubt



Is it possible to do like arturia step pro looper ribbon on rytm mkII?

I think Octatrack when you push A + step it repeats, is it possible on mkII?

Thank you in advance.


Also interested in this. I´ve got recently an mk2 but for what i know you can use the retrigger to retrig a certain pad, but no “autoloop”, like in the drumbrute


Like beat repeat style? No the rytm doesn’t have anything like that. Unless you run the output into an octatrack… :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe performances, scenes, fills on the rytm?


The Octatrack does this using the delay configured so that when you hold down a trig button all you hear is the wet signal, and you can hold another trig key to choose an interval.

The cheapest way to achieve this that I know of without an Octatrack is with a Korg Kaoss Pad, though there may be other options I’m not aware of. The KP3 and Kaoss Quad have what they call Looper FX that achieve the same result.

My main beef with the Kaoss Pad is that it uses RCA inputs and the signal seems a bit weak.

I think the Pioneer RMX-series FX boxes and possibly the Boss RC-202 have beat repeat FX as well but some of them get kinda pricey at which point a bit more gets you a MK1 Octatrack.

EDIT: You can sort of approximate this on the Rytm by changing the pattern length on the fly to very short lengths.


Thanks to all!