Rytm Mk2 - Sample Slot LFO love

Hi Elektronauts,

I picked up an Analog Rytm MK2 in January. I expected the great sounds. I didn’t expect the satisfying playability and usefulness of the performance pad macros, and the accent / variation shaping possibilities of the conditional trigs. I love it.

I want to share a neat little trick that I consider my secret weapon: Sample Slot LFO.

First make sure you have a bunch of samples loaded to your project. Pick a track and add notes to every trigger. Set these notes to trigger sample layer only (syn off). Set the LFO to ‘sample slot’, choose rate, depth and wave. You’ll hear chaos, as each note is triggering a different sample in your library, according to how you’ve set the LFO parameters. Turn the sample volume all the way down. Assign a perf pad to turn it back up. I like using a perf pad with this because you can easily combine this trick with your other perf pads.

Now when you play a beat, the sample slot LFO track will be silent, until you ease down on the perf pad. (or turn the volume up and down). This works great for adding fills and accents. Adjust LFO rate, depth and wave to suit your appetite for randomness and surprise. Twiddle the sample tune knob for additional craziness, and distort for badassness.

I hope y’all have as much fun with this as I do : )


Love the lfo to sample slot, so cool… Never combined it with performance, that’s a great idea, there’s really so much you can do with an AR it’s amazing, it just keeps going and has tons of tricks up it’s sleeves… :smiley:

This is an :elot: flex remix demo I posted awhile back, not really a track or anything, but if features an lfo to sample slot sound arped by OT…


@Open_Mike Sweet beat!

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I wish the Octatrack could lfo the sample slot. That’s a cool feature.

Well you can, kind of, do it with a sample chain -> playback in slice mode -> LFO to Slice select.