RYTM MK2 / Limit on Scenes?


Hi! Half Rytm MK2 noob here…

Is there a limit on scene locks i can do on the MK2?
I want to make different scenes on every drum track,
but on some point the knobs don’t accept any changes and don’t react to change the parameters? And there are not a lot locks, together only 48 locks on all tracks? Could this possible on this high-tech machine?!

Thanks a lot!




How do you mean?
Scenes affect an entire kit, any one or combination of tracks…
If you need more you could copy the kit to a new slot and only change the scenes, not the edit pages, machines, etc…, then save it. Possibly copy the pattern and use this next kit on your copied pattern… If it helps…


Ah, good to know! Its a normal behavior.
Thanks a lot!

Best, Alex : )