Rytm MK2 1.50 upgrade failed

Hi guys!

Every time I’m trying to upgrade my rytm mk2 from 1.46beta1 to 1.50 via Elektron Transfer (Mac) I receive a “UPGRADE FAILED CHECKSUM ERROR”. Neither Mac reboot, not rytm factory reset are solving the issue.
Has anyone similar problem or an idea what could help me?

Use C6 or Sysex Librarian. Not transfer. Search as well, this is discussed a lot.


I seem to have to relearn this each time I do an update. To me, Elektron Transfer seems like it should be the ‘correct’ software to use.

I’m not sure why Elektron Transfer doesn’t work yet for updates, but it will need to soon – C6 is 32 bit and won’t work on the newest MacOS, Catalina.

It will definitely be, eventually

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Are you sure you haven‘t accidentally downloaded the MK1 firmware file? Happened to me last week.

I try to update my rytm mk2 via transfer, it is connected only via USB cable.
When I start the transfer from the sysex the receiving bar hang at 20% and didn´t finish the process.

Any suggestions?
Should I use midi cables for midi-IN and midi-Out to the Fireface Audion Interface?

Don’t use Transfer.

Ensure that INPUT FROM is set to “USB” in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu.

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Thanks Peter,
I use now sysex librarian and it runs, very slow but it runs actually.
Is there a way to transfer faster with this tool?

Did you:


For me, with these settings, the AF update took less than one minute.

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Yes it is set up right, but nevertheless AR and A4 are now updated.

try SySex Libarian…works for me