RYTM midi controller - KMI softstep 2 or FCB1010?

Hey guys
I want a midi foot pedal to control the following functions on my AR:

  • start/stop
  • tempo change
  • track trigger
  • pattern change or chain change
  • mute/scene changes

I’m pretty sure the FCB can do all that but i like the portability and ease of programming in the KMI better. (Based on looking at reviews and tutorials)
Only… previous topics have suggested the KMI softstep 1 couldn’t do start/stop…

Any ideas whether the upgrade can step up to the task?

My setup is:
FR4X digital accordion (mostly for LH synth chords & bass)
Trumpet (through an ME50 FX pedal)
Vocals (through helicon VLT)

Did you ever find a solution to this? I want to do the same thing and I do have a softstep and a keystep already.

Check alternative eprom firmwares for FCB1010 first. It is almost unusable as it is. PITA to program, very limited.

Yamaha MFC10 is far better, it does all functions above and more, except tempo.

Soft Step 2 is much better too. Check if it does Start / Stop. You can assign Perf macro to pad and modulate them!

Possible with Analog Heat only…