Rytm Master Distortion Uses/Settings

Note: I couldn’t find a thread that directly addressed this topic. If I missed it, please point it out.

I’ve been working on a edits style project, and I found that the master distortion on full just sounds great for a raw, upfront sound (only with careful gain stagging).

Curious what uses/settings others use with the master distortion and for what styles.

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There’s a short chat about it here and i think if you dug through the early general threads upon AR1 release you might find more of the missing insight on it when folk were exploring

It’s certainly amazing what the RYTMs can do sonically when you can feed overdriven and filtered voices separately into the Distortion/Compression for subtle/extreme mashing together - pretty much always sounds glorious

Yeah, I’ve read through a lot of these, and most of them just turn into rambling about some particular feature or misunderstanding.

I don’t think there’s any resource-like thread. I guess nobody’s interested? :man_shrugging:

I guess it’s hard to discuss specific settings as it s so dependent on the kit/pattern material. Overdrive and distortion are so non linear in response.

I like a bit of master distortion to roughen things up, when individual tracks don t already have much drive on them.

I haven t found a use for the color/tone/bias (sorry don t remember the name and my rytm is away for repair) parameter yet. Need to explore that more in depth. Would be interested to hear how people apply it.


Getting into plocking the distortion in combination with compressor is on my list to do, I bet you can get some serious dynamics and punch. I’m not too skilled at using a compressor, so far I’ve just managed to pull off OK settings. Most of my kits have no distortion or just raised a little for oomph, although I have messed about and heard some wild stuff, but no tips for you. Need to explore it more.