Rytm has a burned LCD


Same problem with my A4! I updated it about a week ago, and turned it on yesterday to make some patches. Now there is an actual dark patch on the screen. :disappointed:


Same problem on my AR. It’s right in the middle of the screen and annoying as hell.

Contacted Elektron about it a month ago, still waiting for a reply.


Holy cow so a whole bunch of people have this problem… Just pulled my rytm out of storage after a long break to update the OS, and here I find mine with a noticeable blotch of bluish burned looking pixels and sluggish fading pixels. Not sure if it happened because of the update but I only noticed it after.Sounds like something needing to be addressed…


Same here, i just started my rytm after 2 month of non use and i see this strange thing in the middle of the c’screen





I left my A4 running for a 24 hour period and the dark spot is barely visible now. I’m not saying it is a permanent fix or you should try doing the same but it seems to have worked for me… Anyone else had this happen?


Exactly the same here since uprgrade!


this is a typical fix for burn-in
seems extremely odd the problem would happen simultaneously on multiple machines, some years after production… makes me want to blame the update
anyone on previous OS with this problem too? how about overbridge vs non-overbridge users?


I just noticed this after not using the rytm for a few months. It was on 1.02D. I upgraded to 1.30 and it’s exactly the same, so I don’t think it’s update related, possibly not using for a while though? Maybe it’s the rytm telling us we must make beats everyday…


Yeah, this error was present long before the 1.30 update.


some problem!!! :frowning:


Has anyone tried to get this fixed under warranty? Should be a.recall candidate.


in the support they have told me that it may be time to bring unused. I used the machine a couple of hours and do not see the screen better … I keep trying


for me it definitely looks like it has to do with temperature, or when the device isn’t used for some time.
not seeing any residue right now, but it was definitely there some time ago.


Mine was like that when i received it, Elektron customer service told me turn it on atleast 30 mins every day for a few days.
I just keep it on for 24 hours that fixed it.


Interesting. I think I’ll have to try that


eh?! :open_mouth: and what after that? is that a ‘final solution’? as i just turned on mine the other day after not having used it for a while and 1/3 of the LCD was darkened out :no_mouth: …pretty annoying i’ve got to say, especially for such a costly machine…which has been on for more than 1/2 an hour a day, for more than few days…
perhaps the screens should have been tested more prior to installing them on the final product? not everyone here can afford to sell/buy/resell/rebuy… but well…

i’m also assuming this is only AR related (not sure i’ve read about other machines having the same issue) so mh…hopefully the new models (and new owners) will have this issue fixed… :rolling_eyes:


Mine is fixed after fey days of daily use, my problem came after 2 month of unuse,


just received a rytm off of reverb, going back…check out the screen issue i have. anybody have a similar issue?