Rytm has a burned LCD


Just got mine out of storage to do a quick test, was on for no more than 5 minutes, I went into test mode and made a vine


My Rytm is still on the original OS (1.02f)


I discovered that when I wanted to make a video for then sell it… now I got to send it to Elektron to repair and then I can sell it… urgh!


It has to be a defect of their screens. Not encouraging.


A theory could be that during assembly the LCD is being soldered in such a way that uneven stresses are placed upon the pins, resulting in slight twisting of the display which would account for such results.

Looking at the teardown pics it seems that there is a contrast adjustment trimmer, another theory is that this could be adjusted to lessen the shadowing. Also I do not believe this to be heat related, no components aside from the LCD backlight are close enough to heat it, the backlight is probably LED (can’t confirm this though as will not open my Rytm and void warranty) and it is not dependant on any particular OS version.

Personally I don’t think it is cause for serious concern, but I guess time will tell.


got a little of this (not looking as serious as in the posted pics/vids) - wouldn’t have noticed during normal operation at all, only now in test mode when switching from dark to blank screen. it’s fading away after a few seconds.


This has a reassuring resonance with my second opinion having seen a few clips now - it has the look of a more benign root cause, i think the ‘burning’ phrase took it towards a more ominous interpretation initially - good stuff, but a bit of a longer term concern for all of us and a pain for those affected already


I have a little of this as well, though I had to go into test mode and the black screen to see it.
Never noticed it otherwise. I have to be at least a 30 degree angle to see it. When my eyes are directly over the screen it is nearly impossible to detect. Therefore, I am not concerned.

My A4 has it as well. Both A4 and Rytm purchased nearly 1 year ago, for those interested.

Went into test mode after it had been off for the evening, so both were cold. I’ll keep them on a few hours and see how they look after they’ve warmed up.

Edit - Still does this after the instruments have been on and warmed up.
Also, still not concerned.


Yes same here, would never ve recognized it outside the test mode though. On my a4 its around the spot where the play/stop/rec symbols are, wich ve kind of a fade animations.


I wonder if A4 has the same issues? Will check’em both tonight…


…happened here as well :expressionless:
first time i noticed it it was after few days of inactivity and the first time i switched on the machine again i was like: oh f***! LCD gone!?!? :astonished:
the right side of the LCD was completely darkened and couldn’t see the last couple of letters…
it is now a bit better but still, i can see that there’s a difference between one side of the LCD and the other (although not as big as the first time the symptom appeared)
mm… :thinking:


The text at the right-hand side of my Rytm is slightly darker than the rest. No major problem with it yet though. Just hope that Elektron have access to a good supply of displays!

A4 seems to be fine so far.


Are these AR’s first batch, or not so much?


Not exclusively first batch, as mine exhibits this but is not from the first batch.


mines are fine … so fingers crossed


Same here - both A4 and AR displays are fine - AR was switched off (and unplugged) for about a week. I used the test mode with trig buttons 1 & 2 to test. My AR is from an early batch.


Do you regularly turn off the devices?

My AR+AK has been online for months now, though I have restarted them from time to time, I keep them on 24/7.

Is that a bad idea? I don’t see any LCD problems though, looks shiny new.


Seems normal. .

As you would expect on an ANALOG instrument you have an AnalOG LCD that fluctuates and wobbles with a cute instabilty… Not only does it sound WARM - it looks all warm too.

If they could port that to Overbridge too that would “next level”


I have the same issue on my A4: A4 LCD Display irregularly discolored/fading


I have these kind of ghost trails. Or slow updating display. And little bit of burn in also. Not sure if it always has been there. Started to notice it a few weeks ago.