Rytm Freezing


This is starting to become a regular occurence on my Rytm. I dismissed it forst but now it’s happening way more than I’m comfortable with. Has anyone else experienced this? Hardware problem maybe?


connected via OB? my Rytm freezed a lot as i had it connected via OB on my Windows PC. But this was only because i have massive OB issues on my PC. Without OB or connected with the Mac those issues disappeared.

Have you tried it without OB? If it happens without OB it might be a hardware issue. Try a hard reset (works in a Boot Menu as far as i know, check the Manual). If that doesnt work, ask RMA …


What Rytm OS are you running?
Does it happen in a specific mode of operation?
What is plugged into the Rytm when this happens?
If connected to a computer - which OS?

Give as much information as you have.


Yea it is with Overbridge actually. The latest OS on Rytm, running on a Mac ‘El Capitan’ withe latest Live OS. I’ll try spending some time with it outside OB.

Thanks for the advice.


Is AR directly plugged into the computer ?
Have you contacted :3lektron: support already ?