Rytm deleted all the project except the sequences of patterns

So yes that just happened and I don’t know how, cause I can’t not even reproduce it again: I was working on a project and sudently all the data was gone (sounds, parameters, pages, fx, scenes etc…) all except the sequence of the patterns. I have not save the project with this messy new conf but if I switch off/on or if I load the project again it remains the same. Anyway I can retrieve the data? Has this ever ocurred to any of you?

seems like something somewhat similar to your issue happened already

might be worth checking OS/PSU and if that doesn’t help maybe get in touch with support and see what they suggest

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Thanks! yes, exactly. I surrender trying to retrieve the original project… thing is I updated the rytm firmware to version 1.61, I wonder if that has something to do with the issue. Let’s hope it does happen again :worried: