Rumor: Analog Rytm mk2 also coming

I was being facetious.

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Use some emoticon next time! :grinning:

Haha. Yea. Its hard to read sarcasm on the internet. ;p

Im super happy with my RYTM except for one thing: where is that damn update so i can use the transfer app?? Im on pc sp sds drop isnt an option

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I’d have to imagine all the gear will be updated.
i would think its a cost thing. the more you buy. the cheaper it is. so you buy A LOT of new buttons, new screens, and new knobs. and you just continue manufacturing the gear. just with new parts.
elektron is probably saving money. and hopefully pass the saving down. or invest more into programmers… (you know. sample management over OB)


I remember, a little while ago, a user was thinking about getting an AR but was worried about the possibility of there being an mk2 coming out not too long from then.

And we all were like, “nah, that won’t happen for many many year-if at all!”

Whoever that person was-I’m sorry


I got a work iPad from a new job I’m doing, so was able to buy and try out Strom last night. I haven’t tried everything but it does seem awesome and flawlessly sends samples to the Rytm in a flash. Very cool. The thing that blows me away about the Rytm really, and I think this really is its key feature, is with the sample layering it really is a 24 track box

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And if the OT is anything to go by, these updates are complete internal transplants into a new box, no new features should be expected tbh. In principle I would absolutely love to update and the backlit buttons really appeal to me, but it’s not worth the hassle and cost of selling and finding more coin for such a small detail, I’m better off just to use a lamp if I can’t see things in the dark. This is for new users and tbh I’m stoked for them. It’s a great time to buy an elektron box :slight_smile:

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Yes it’s perfectly possible I did make a statement like that. Because I’m younger in elektron machine owner, I started on the late with MD UW MKII, I never imagine this will apply to new series… so I would have made the same statement if I made it I’m sorry too.

Also, if USB is enhanced and some other things for the better… I start to think there’s goodies to come from it… and when it comes we probably say … wow that’s so nice :slight_smile: anyway as I started to come back to OT, DT and A4 again… I’m glad I will make this come back to MKII version. So I will not judge my actions to sold it too harsh on me (few month ago)… and I will stay positive and keep in mind that I upgraded to MKII rather think I loose money to search for better witch ended on nothing better than those Elektron Machine.

(Financial research for Familial problem on the side… and not necessarily linked to it)

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In all fairness, I do not recall improved USB for ob being mentioned anywhere (even the announcements for other mk II’s are yet to come), but it would be an obvious “minor” upgrade, kinda like the bal ins on the OT mk II IMO. So let’s hope better ob operation is a priority for elektron.

Wouldn’t just throwing a USB 3 port on all the new revisions solve all the USB bandwidth bottleneck problems?
Seems that should be the first thing they should upgrade?

No, the bottleneck is not the fault of USB 2, more that the Analog devices run it at only 12Mbps (Full-speed rather than the full 480Mbps) due to noise concerns.


I see. How do you get around that limitation?

You build a better circuit with OB in mind. Total speculation here but my guess is the original design spec didn’t factor in streaming audio waves hands

You need to isolate unwanted signals from the USB port from the audble signalpath (circuit design?)

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Lets hope that would be the intention, and not just upgrading the screen, knobs and buttons to get up to par with their most accessible entry instruments.

In other words a huge job to implement I presume?
Personally that was maybe the most annoying thing for me with OB.
Hitting that bloody bandwidth limit when trying to activate all the seperate channels in OB is not ideal.

it was mentioned by some nauts… speculation because not by officials. of course. I just mention it as hey if it is … I should upgrade to mkII … anyway. We’ll see soon what’s inside

These mk I prizes are crzy! I’m jealous of anyone copping an AR right now… But also happy for them


Im not happy, just jealous.