Rumor: A4 MKII incoming

Is Elektron listed as exhibitors @ Summer NAMM ?

yes, looks like there’s a small booth:
(zoom towards booth 1647)

dunno tho, looks like it’s among guitar stuff…? So maybe just promotion of the drive pedal…

yes, there aren’t out too many, that’s why the price is quite high at the moment.
I alrerady own the A4, it would be my second one :wink:

I don’t know of course what the price drop is about, but I can’t imagine a major new machine so shortly after the digitakt release

Probably not a major new machine no.

I guess the A4mkii will just have some new DT style buttons and an OLED screen. Perhaps the bass tweak that was featured on the AK. And maybe one or two new dedicated buttons.

that’s an imaginable scenario :slight_smile:

Announced Introducing Analog Four & Analog Rytm MKII

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Not again. :smile: “The analog circuitry of Analog Four MKII has been thoroughly reworked and provides deep, clear and defined bass plus a more prominent analog overdrive/distortion effect.”

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I’m doubtful they’d do it, but it would be amazing if elektron would offer to retrofit at least a couple of the new features to a mk1 machine. Say the individual outs and cv inputs on the a4.

Outs are certainly possible, cv inputs may be, depending on how exactly the modulation bus works.

It’s a stretch I know, but it was once an option to pay to have them retrofit a +drive to older machinedrums.


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Just received word from the retailer I pre-ordered from that the mkII release has been delayed until the first week of 2018?!

Oh no… not again!


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I can confirm that my rep at one of the larger US retailers said this morning that the A4 and AR are not expected until January.

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Nice i would like to buy a new Lens for my DSLR if Elektron are not ready i will have 4 month to make my Dream of a Telephoto lens come true :slight_smile: Cool … but get back to Music in 2018 thought :joy:


I paid my 70-300 80€ ! :smile:

Canon? ^


Yep and those filters. I’m a fussy sob, but this is what sold me. This vid below. Plus, I asked myself, what I do when I make music? Am I a keyboard player? Not really. I push a key and let the ARP do the work, or I program midi and hit play. To me the A4 is more suited to what I like to do, that is sequence and manipulate live music. Most of the videos of the A4 to me is just wimpy music which I hate. Bee Bop bullshit. Then I saw this. SOLD!!!


Fiddlestickz don’t play!!