rtFM for Digitone


Erik has been showing me these great sounds (with a smirk on his face, the smug bastard) from time to time for what feels like too long. Every time I am so impressed by his work, it’s so nice to see this fantastic pack finally released! Just goes to show you how important it is to RTFM. :wink:


Maybe you could make a nice tutorial someday?


Coming from you the title is classic… :rofl:
Love it!


Smug bastard? Me? Never! :yum:

Some kind of Digitone sound design tutorial, or maybe at least some tips&tricks could be a good idea. I’ll take it into consideration and let’s see what the future brings.

Actually, I had the idea for the name of the sound pack even before I started to make the sounds :grinning:


Good to know I just bought this pack! Working out how to install to my Digitone…made a night session with some other factory sounds so far: https://youtu.be/07VacziYMK0


Cool classic FM sounds. Wish the Mod wheel, after touch and pitch bend did things to the DT!


Wow. Impressive teasers. Might be one of the best packs available. Right with johginghouse haunted hearts.
I might give it a go tomorrow. And give the preview a listen with some better speakers than my iphone internal speaker :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

On the first glance I think these are pretty useable for ambient, drone and downtempo also…


Listened to the first demo and though “ooh that’s a nice Boards of Canada-keys patch”

Sure enough, I install the demo pack and bam! “BOC KEYS” :smile:


Guys I’m full of gratitude. I never been so prolific with my music and this sound pack sounds the kind of atmosphere I want to dive in.

And now your talking about sound design tutorial ? :pray:

I think I’m becoming an elektron fan boy.


What a beauty! Amazing!
Would love to buy this pack, but unfortunately it seems that payment only is possible with credit card? Really???
I’m a musician, not a bank brooker.
Any alternatives?


Got this sound pack, great work indeed :slight_smile:


Send a mail to Elektron Support and they will help you with that.


I think Elektron accepts payments in chokladflarn…:wink:


Almost all of the spur of the moment on-line purchases I have made and regretted have been down to how easy it is to pay with PayPal! If you have to get you credit card out you think twice…!

I got my credit card out for tis one, no regrets all, good job…plus I realy like that Elektron keep the cost of the sound packs low.


A lot of really, really great sounds in this pack. Awesome work!


Yep, I was actually just taking the €€€ in my hand and wanted to buy the pack. With Jogginghouse’s haunted hearts I think paypal was working too, but somehow here they only accept VISA.
But not only that, only the “verified by VISA” Visa-cards. Would be cool if they change it. Now I need to register my card with a post code I get in the coming days…!? WTF? Why the face?


See this topic: