rtFM for Digitone

The rtFM Sound Pack — short for Realized Through FM, Rocket Track For Mayhem, or perhaps something else… — created by Elektron’s Technical Writer, Erik Ångman, contains 128 meticulously crafted sounds. These sounds are leaning more towards usefulness and playability than glitch and weirdness, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them in any musical context. Make sure to connect a keyboard and check out what the mod wheel and aftertouch does to the sounds. This is the kind of digital goodness that comes from thoroughly reading the freaking manual. Download the free demo, and purchase at Elektron.se: https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/rtfm

New DN soundpack - rtFM!

Ah, nice sounds. The Digitone has a lot of sweetspots!


Just a heads up incase you didn’t get the email

Our man @eangman released a dam! fine! new soundpack for DN!

Since I love the man I bought the pack without demoing :heart:
Hope it sounds aight EDIT: Yes, indeed it does :ok_hand:t2:

GAS cured, thanks


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Nice. Is there a preset limit? Can I add these as well as everything I already have in it? Sorry I should rtFM I know :wink:


RTFM:ing for you, the plusdrive can store up to 2048 sounds, so plenty of space :nyan:

Its only the project sound pool that’s a bit naff - 128 sounds max


Ohh gosh. These sounds are amazing. The first track is beautiful.
And the second one as well.


Yeah, does sound pretty good doesnt it

I’m in the middle of updating the OSes of my A4 & AR, but once those are done I’ll transfer this pack to my DN. Looking forward to hearing all the sounds!


Brilliant name for it


Finally managed to upload to my F bank

I have to say it… These sounds are just my type of stuff! Brilliant
The author has managed to coax alot of emotion out of the DN engine… I will be sleeping OPL3 soundblaster dreams tonight. Inspiring stuff man


EDIT: There are also some really tasty sounds in here that don’t sound much like FM at all. Showing the unique side of the digitone engine in a way that should perhaps been more represented even in the factory presets… A lot of work went into these no doubt!


Maybe some drum pack for Digitone next ?


Came here to say the same thing. I’m still laughing. :sunny:

Edit: Fixed some typos. Which is appropriate for this thread.


Want to buy these but does anyone know of a way to upload using an iPad? I’m away from my computer for a couple of weeks.


Holy shit this is straight dope vibe sound design homie. I’ve not taken the time to hook my Digitone up to a computer yet but this is strong motivation.


Are the drums in the demo all from the pack? Some seriously impressive sound design if they are! Great work and a clever name haha :smile:

EDIT: Just installed and played through all the presets, maybe I should rtfm cus I had no idea the DN could make sounds like these! All very playable, and with much more care put into things like aftertouch and the mod wheel then I’m used to - really a joy to experiment with.


Best pack so far


Thanks for all your kind words :slightly_smiling_face: I set out to try and make as ”useful” sounds as possible. FM easily leads you down the the glitchy weirdness path, but I tried to resist that temptation this time :grinning: I hope the rtFM sounds will inspire you to make even more great music.




first pack that tamed those harmonics ace job


I bought it today and really like it. Pure powerful sounds. Definitely shows off the quality of the Digitone.


I like the diversity of texture on these. Some patches are intentionally more harsh/aggressive while others have this nice romantic ”digital dust” to them.