Rows and patterns limit in a song

I’m using RYTM and A4 in song mode. Is there a limit in number of rows? Is there also a limit in number of patterns in a song? (Are repeats considered as further rows and patterns in total counting?)

Hi there, im using the rytm since years (first version then) but its new that I intensively use the song mode pushing it to the boundaries. And It appears that there is a maximum length for each song, but I cant read anything about that in the manual or the forum. does anyone knows about it ?

UPDATE kind reply of the support : “you can have 64 chains with a total of 256 patterns. Since a Song is just Chains placed in an order these numbers apply here as well.”

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I’ve tested the limit of row is 64

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Hey everyone, I am currently working on a liveset with my elektron rytm (MK1) as my drum machine and am using song mode to create the changes in mutes, patterns and kits within the liveset so that I can mainly focus on my modular during the set. After having programmed everything in song mode up to 9:15min using 3 chains within the song mode it doesnt let me continue adding to any of the chains, nor does it let me start a new chain.

My question is, is there a maximum length per song per project for the rytm (MK1) or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help! Any suggestions/ advice is highly appreciated!