Rows and patterns limit in a song

I’m using RYTM and A4 in song mode. Is there a limit in number of rows? Is there also a limit in number of patterns in a song? (Are repeats considered as further rows and patterns in total counting?)

Hi there, im using the rytm since years (first version then) but its new that I intensively use the song mode pushing it to the boundaries. And It appears that there is a maximum length for each song, but I cant read anything about that in the manual or the forum. does anyone knows about it ?

UPDATE kind reply of the support : “you can have 64 chains with a total of 256 patterns. Since a Song is just Chains placed in an order these numbers apply here as well.”

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I’ve tested the limit of row is 64

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Hey everyone, I am currently working on a liveset with my elektron rytm (MK1) as my drum machine and am using song mode to create the changes in mutes, patterns and kits within the liveset so that I can mainly focus on my modular during the set. After having programmed everything in song mode up to 9:15min using 3 chains within the song mode it doesnt let me continue adding to any of the chains, nor does it let me start a new chain.

My question is, is there a maximum length per song per project for the rytm (MK1) or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help! Any suggestions/ advice is highly appreciated!

I am thinking of building up an hour-long performance using song mode in A4 MK2. This would make me focus on other things rather than remember when to change patterns or mute things. However, before I reach the brickwall, is there any limit of ROWs and chains in song mode that can be used for each project? I cannot find this info in manual. Does this limit (if any) applies to OT/Rytm as well?

A4 : 64 ROWS max, 256 patterns max
256 patterns max per CHAIN
You can use the multipier as you like.

OT : 256 ROWS, possible to chain Arrangements, 8 Arrangements max


Ouch, that’s very limiting comparing with OT. So if I reach the limit do I need to load new project or I can just Load Song and continue? I guess chaining songs is not possible in A4

I just tried, apparently loading a song stops the previous one, but you can load another song.

OT is also limited to 256 patterns, and you have to subtract loop rows, reminders, etc. Depending on your songs structure, you can use A4’s ROWS repeat.

Yes, using repeats and mutes for each pattern instead of separating instruments per pattern seems to work. Dividing pattern length from 1x it 1/2 also helps