Routing question - Logic + Maschine + Digitone

Hi people,

Have a question on routing here and connections. Currently my setup is like this

From my UR44c card midi out to Maschine with Logic sync set to send midi clock.

From Maschine out to midi in on the Digitone.

When I open the Maschine software, I can set Macro and midi to use Maschine mkIII and then I can play Digitone sound from Maschine using and emtpy group. All is fine.

But when I open Logic, the Macro option from maschine go away and I can no longer play Digitone sounds from Maschine with touch sensibility etc.

Anyone have any routing or other tips on how I can get the same result between Maschine and Digitone from within a DAW? (I have Logic, Cubase 10.5 and latest Studio One)

I can add that I have not installed Overbridge as it totally screwed up my Mojave and the sync went haywire changing the BPM on the synced devises to jump between 120, 210 and 300bpm rapidly and randomly.