Routing Quandary: Pick Yer Brain

Pick your brain if you like problem solving.

I have 2 Tracks on OT that ‘alternate’ - sort of I send one monophonic melodic line and I have a Translator that bounces each consecutive note back and forth between two Audio Tracks so that tails don’t get cut off so readily, yadda yadda.

Well, I actually want both of those Audio Tracks to feed into ONE more Track for a couple of Extra FX. Right now I’m dedicating 4 Audio Tracks to this system: 2 for Audio Samples and 1 each for extra fx.

But I want to control the FX together, which I can do via Translators (just duplicating the data for both MIDI Channels) - BUT Looking for a more elegant solution:

  • One option I’m thinking is using Mono Samples and routing the audio out the CUE and then pumping that back into the OT. Or wait, not sure I need Mono, but I’m pretty burnt out right now to properly formulate the question. Basically: Send the Audio from these two playing Audio Tracks into an audio loopback to snag it on a Thru Machine for further processing. I dunno - I don’t really loopback audio.


  • Route all OTHER Tracks to CUE OUT and use a Master Channel, where only the Audio ‘Live Play’ Tracks are basically not on the CUE output. Note: I haven’t checked/verified, but for some reason I have it in my head that CUE outputs don’t get routed thru the Master Channel in Studio. I think I just tested it and that’s the case, but I really get lost on the OT. Sorry. This uses Studio Mode & Track 8: Master.

Note: OT is not my primary device. It is basically slaved to a Pyramid and shares audio duties with 4 multitimbral synths (one being used for drums), one polyphonic, and one monophonic. So the OT is picking up sampler duties with these Alternating Melodic Tracks, a Loops/Mangle Track, one more Chromatically Sequencer-Played Track, and 2-3 Sample Trigger Tracks with the Sequencer modulating parameters.

Whattya think?

Knowing you a bit I think I’ll have to read it several times! :wink:

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Yesh. Sorry.
My brain used to work when i was young.
I think.

Kids: say no to drugs, otherwise you end up like me! LOL

Maybe you didn’t take enough drugs to calm down your brain! Seems complicated. I’m too tired for this.
Could you sum up your goal in 2 lines before I try to understand? :slight_smile:

2 OT voices paraphony?
Edit : Ok I think I understood, sort of monophonic with release overlap?

Where TX = translator that sends consecutive Note Events to alternating OT Travks.

“A” is the setup i currently have.
Debating between configuration B or C to gain one more Audio Track for other stuff.

Better with beautiful drawings!
C seems better.

Without cables, you can record what is sent to CUE and play with a Flex. I think I’d do like this.

For A you can set the 2 Neighbors on the same midi channel to control them at the same time.

Ooh, thanks!
I dont really sample with the OT, but that’s a great reminder for me for if/when i get into that bit.

Oh, and 2 Tracks in same MIDI Channel? For some reason i had it in my head you couldnt do that. I forget if it was experience or someone said something, so i just avoided it.

Now i think it was somethingsomething MIDI Track something something Audio Track. Wow. Nice!


You can do that with all audio tracks > control all

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