Routing Midi to Digitone in Ableton via overbridge


I’m a bit confused. I’ve followed the manual, but I’m not seeming to get much success.

I want to use my launchpad pro to play notes into the Digitone sequencer through Ableton. I have midi routed all instruments all channels into the Digitone overbridge plugin, but I only want my Digitone tot play on the selected track, not just channel 1. Its not seeming to work, even with auto channel.

same issue here. I have an NI KK mk2 as my controller which comes into Ableton on channel 1. It controls whatever track is selected. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the midi track in Ableton to trigger DN T2, T3, or T4 even with the auto channel set to 1 and all other midi tracks set to OFF on the DN. Maybe there is a more recent thread on this but I couldn’t find it. Any luck getting this solved?

Ok. When you drop the overbridge vst to create a track you need to create 4 additional midi tracks. Each of those tracks midi need to match the specific midi channel assigned to track 1-4 in the Digitone under midi settings. You don’t need auto channel for this. Then you’re just going to arm the track you want to play in Ableton.

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Works great thanks! I added additional midi tracks without the VST, and set the midi out to the corresponding channels for each track on the DN. Thanks @StreetDeezy!