Roland Verselab MV-1

Is this a real thing? If so is there any more info out there?

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meh :neutral_face:

Too little, too late ? :thinking:

Also the price… wtf…

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Wow, this is a very Elektron-looking device. Vocal Machine?

edit: Eh, only when it’s off, the rainbow LEDs ruin it.


Looks like a mc-707 repackaging with an even worse screen and a higher price. :yawning_face:

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Bit of an odd duck but I can see how it might appeal to some people. Hopefully the song mode might make it over to the 707 in the next update.

Edit: Could this also mean that an updated sp808 is in the works??


I’ve been a vocalist for 15 years and strayed away the last 3 years when I started indulging in synths. I’ve always wanted to find a way to incorporate more vocals into my synth projects…

To any questioning who this is for, this is for me basically.

This looks like a perfect fit, since what I lack with Octatrack is a way to structure my vocals better. I’m actually really interested. But I would like to see some more avante grade features to add to your vocals like beat repeats and warping and what not…

Or maybe using this with octatrack would let me be creative with Octatrack and structured with MV-01


$699 apparently, so it sits with TR8s.

Seems more like a complement to MC-707 more then anything


Seems like the same thing to me. Same zen core engine, same looper tracks, same memory limits…

I get why vocalists would want this, but I also get why they will sell it.

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My bad… I was fooled by the australian price:

Still not excited.

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I think this will be a situation where a company gives customers what they think they wanted, but then the customers realise it wasn’t actually that they wanted but something more magical, and the company throws its hands up in despair and vows not to focus-group any more instruments.


would be interested in … ummmmm … MV-½ ?

Yeah I saw the specs and a 12 minute limit for mono recordings and 6 for stereo isn’t super exciting tbh. 30 seconds for looper. And the effects section is based around mixing and mastering (basically)

I’ll wait for more videos

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I think for serious recording a device should have on-disk streaming. 1010 music gets it, Elektron gets it. Akaï and Roland don’t… go figure…


An early hands on here…

I think old school brands like Roland, Korg, Yamaha, to some extent Akai, have fallen out of line badly in regard to innovation and product features/usability/sounds/whatever. Especially when it comes to electronic music production. Their attempts to keep up with the new school are desperate and it shows.


I want it to be really cool. It would be great if it was just as focused on line-in recording from non-vocal sources and had lots of memory. Something like an OP-1 and OP-Z combined.

The MV 8800 was a wonderful machine, ahead of its time. Would have been great if they did an update of it with new contemporary features. This definitely isn’t it.

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Seems like it is aimed firmly at rappers/vocalists/beatboxers who also want a simple production workflow in an all in one box, on that score it looks pretty nifty, gladly not for me.


this looks amazing, every beat machine that comes out is another step closer to an digitakt mk2 with slicing chop shop, more ram and more storage, +ableton live export!!!

I can’t wait!