Roland trademark 808 and 303


A4 and AR sure cuz we have the MK2 recently. But if they cloned a MM or MD id get one since Elektron would rather give us M:S instead.


Same thing happened with basses. Thats why you see so many J and P basses live but most of the times they are not even Fenders.


Inovators need not worry if they are inovating, if they stand still for too long though their inefficiencies will be scrutinised and eventually preyed upon.
Personaly I have no allegiance to any synth brand, non of them feel like my friend or engage in a way that leaves me to believe I am any more than a cash source to them.


Mutable Instruments stuff is Open Source. Anyone can clone them…


If they need to worry or not is no excuse for others to parasite on their work.


Yes indeed, but if they did I don’t think MI would be around for very long afterwards, who would buy a module from MI for 300 when you could wait for the Behringer clone at a quarter of the price?
Apparently not many people.


I am convinced Émilie would be fine.

Enough people will be happy to pay full price for the real thing. Have you ever seen a MI module up close?

Behringer really isn’t going to be able to reach the same level of quality at a quarter, half, or even at two-thirds of the price. They’re also simply going to be unable to come up with panels that look even halfway as nice (keep in mind that the branding and panel design is not open source; they can’t just copy those).


I wonder if they will go after sample providers too such as samples from mars. SFM have an extensive collection of samples created from Roland machines.

Ultimately this doesn’t sound like they are gearing up to just fight Behringer.


I wouldn’t buy a Behringer anything anyway, but I think from the response to Behringer’s clones a lot of people seem only to care about price, not originality or innovation, or little details like the nice panels etc. I mean you look at the Behringer designs of the 101 and 808, they look ugly as hell and that is even with copying a lot of Rolands design cues, they still managed to make them look like cheapo counterfeits, which is kind of apt considering that is exactly what they are.


Including sound and UI


With all this controversy, Behringer will have great success with these products… Which strengthens their presence in the synth market, meaning more amazing products from all the manufacturers competing for our dollars… Thanks Behringer for lighting a fire under companies like Roland because they need it… Yamaha, you’re next…:blush:


Oh, I do hope so! I’ve been waiting for Yamaha to drop some new cool boxes since before I had grey hair. But alas, no new su series groove boxes, no rs7k mk2 not even some Volca competing boxes like a revised an200/dx200.


I completely agree… Yamah has had their heads buried in the sand for way too long…


I’ll take the behri version any day if they replace the tiny unreadable MI icons with proper clear black on metal labels. Doepfer wins no beauty contest, but I almost never have to open a manual.


i laugh at Roland with a mouth as big as the globe

laughable Roland laughable


Behringer has taste


Shame they don’t incorporate some of it into their designs then, their stuff looks like it was designed by someone who was off their face on Jenkem :joy:


If you would take your Behringer hater glasses off for a while, you might notice that RD-808 actually looks really nice. Way, way nicer than Roland’s Aira line.


Are this copy of ray-ban ? :joy:


I see your point, but I think the aira stuff is just as ugly too - that horrible green :face_vomiting:

I don’t think the RD-808 looks nice personally, although I would concede it isn’t their worst, it looks like a mash up of an ER-1 and diy TR-808 clone at best IMHO.