Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


It’s not so much the delay/reverb send effects that I’m talking about, those are good but not that different to the TR-8 (the tape echo is great though).

What I’m talking about is the per-track INST FX setting. Every instrument channel gets one and they can all be different. There’s filters (LPF, HPF, and LPF/HPF which transitions from one to the other like a DJ filter), high/low EQ boosts, Isolator (which is like a three-band parametric EQ), Transient (which emphasises attack/release), compressor, drive, combined comp & drive, and a bitcrush.

It’s these INST FX that allow you to punch sounds up way beyond the standard TR-8/08/09. And being able to freely assign any sound to any track (just like a Machinedrum :wink: ). That means you can layer bass drums, etc etc.

Aside from all the out-there stuff you can do, the basic kit building is very strong and very flexible.


I see what you mean. The individual sound sculpting and tweaking potential does seem greatly improved from the TR-8. Can’t wait to try it out. Soon… soon. :smiley:

What I also love is, if all that still isn’t enough, there are individual outs to take sounds through pedals, racks, or DAW. I like it when we are given - choices. Must… resist… ranting about lack of… individual outs on Digitakt… aaarrrghhh.


Is it possible to record the EXT IN as stereo through USB when in ASSGN mode?


just found the answer, you need to route it to one of the assignable outputs…I thought it’d show up as 2 separate channels


Hi there, can someone confirm that there’s no way to change patterns/variations via midi ?


You can change patterns with midi


Oh really? So it’s not like the TR-8 where the program change only worked for changing kits? I assumed it was the same as the TR-8 looking at the manual. I need to try this, this would be huge for me.

Is it literally just a 0-127 value that maps to a pattern number? There’s no variation select, I assume?


Are you absolutely sure ? I’m asking because it’s nowhere in the midi chart. Can you change variations as well ?
Edit : sorry, same questions as above. :slightly_smiling_face:


Answer from Roland :
You can change the Pattern and/or the Kit via Program change. However, there is not a way to change the variation via Midi.
Kind regards,
Roland Product Support


I ordered a tr8s. I intend to sequence it from the computer. Does anyone know if the unit can rend all the kit parameter values via Midi when a kit is loaded ?


Not that I’m aware of - as per Roland usual, there is no sysex spec.


It can transmit parameter changes when you move sliders and knobs but I don’t think you can send a snapshot of the kit parameters.

There are loads of parameters saved in a kit, it would have to use sysex if you wanted midi control over everything. The available parameters vary a bit depending on which effects and filters and so on you choose. There is one custom parameter you can assign to the spare control knob for each instrument, and you can midi control that one in addition to all the other front panel ones, but that seems to be as far as it goes. The screen will display the 0-127 value for every parameter as you step through them so if you wanted you could figure out exactly what all the front panel settings are that are saved in the kit. By the way it’s not like the TR-8, where the front panel settings are always applied to the kit. The settings are saved in the kit and recalled with it. They only override when you move the control.


Thanks ! I’ll drop them an email about SysEx request.


Just looking at the midi spec chart, sysex is a no, both sending and receiving.


Can you choose how they override?

Like, do nothing until you reach the “saved” position then pickup from ther?


Yes, there’s a setting called “KnobMode”, you can choose to have it either in “catch” (where it doesn’t change until you pass through the current value) or “direct” (where it immediately jumps to the value when you move the control).

You can also choose not to have all the settings recalled with the kit, and to use the front panel instead (like the TR-8 does). Or you can have all the settings recalled but with the volumes according to how the sliders are set. Or to recall everything as it was saved.



Good options there to suit anyone .


Thanks for all the info !


Yes, I think with the TR-8S they have done things quite differently, in that it has many more options that professionals would want (I reckon they did a lot of research). There are fewer arbitrary restrictions compared to the original Aira line. If there is a good reason to have an option, they seem to have included it. And actually specified it, in a decent manual. (Apart from how the program change works, hah.)


I just got my TR-8s 2 days ago now and I already feel like I know my way around it. It’s so hands on and immediate, with enough depth to be interesting without getting bogged down. Pair it with a monosynth and you are gonna have a good time.