Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Back on the romplers :stuffed_flatbread:


Oh no, I thought you and the DJS1k were 4 life! :slight_smile:


Me too :disappointed_relieved:

But hereā€™s the set-up for the time being


Why isnā€™t the DJS1k out of sight again?


Iā€™m not saying lack of trigcond is a killer issue, just saying that once you kind of had that potential plugged into your brain, itā€™s kind of hard to going to a ā€œlanguageā€ where they donā€™t have those wordsā€¦ Kinda like how German has all those crazy-ass words that are really like 5 words jammed togetherā€¦ :slight_smile:


Never know TC cud come with an updateā€¦would be killer on tr8s



Or Hottentottenstottertrottelschwiegermutterattentaeterlattengitterwetterkotterbeutelratte.


I used one of the MPC Liveā€™s Q-Links to put this little jam together. Midi clock to the 8S. THIS is my combo. Thereā€™s some old EMU Extreme Lead Rompler action to!


The condition that you canā€™t be fully creative with a drum machine that does not have trigger conditions:





Iā€™ve been looking for a name for my new minimal techno stuff, thanks.


ā€œSchlagzeugā€ means all percussive instruments including drums, which is more appropriate in the case of the TRs, as e.g. 808 cowbells are not in the Trommel family, which all have membranes. A drum computer is not a Trommelrechner, itā€™s a Schlagzeugrechner in my opinion. Rhythmusrechner would work too, as it does rythms.


Jesus F Christ - that sounds like a zerg throwing up.


All this talk of no trig conditions makes me wanna reach for my bustenhalterberechnungskontrolā€¦


There is an app for that (BĆ¼stenhalterberechnungstabelle):


Yes, I did indeed click on that linkā€¦


Is this actually true? It looks like it works Elektron style* in this video:

  • given a pattern 12345678, Elektron style p-locking of x on step 6 would be 12345x78 whereas the Circuit and Korg style p-locking would be 12345xxx


The step parameter locks are latching on the TR8S, so itā€™s a bit different then the trig locks on an elektron sequencer. Kind of like sending midi cc values from a DAW. if you send midi cc to open up the filter on your synth it stays open until you send a new value.

Edit : Donā€™t own one myself, only read about it.


In that video he has set a motion parameter on every step, so each step is ā€œlockedā€. If he turned the motion record off and added a bunch of new trigs in between the ones heā€™d already set, they would play with the parameter value of the last locked step, until another one with a locked parameter value plays.

The SE-02 sequencer works the same way.


The parameter lockswork fine, itā€™s just a different implementation. In some ways it actually makes more sense.