Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Just 1


Back on the romplers :stuffed_flatbread:


Oh no, I thought you and the DJS1k were 4 life! :slight_smile:


Me too :disappointed_relieved:

But here’s the set-up for the time being


Why isn’t the DJS1k out of sight again?


I‚Äôm not saying lack of trigcond is a killer issue, just saying that once you kind of had that potential plugged into your brain, it‚Äôs kind of hard to going to a ‚Äúlanguage‚ÄĚ where they don‚Äôt have those words‚Ķ Kinda like how German has all those crazy-ass words that are really like 5 words jammed together‚Ķ :slight_smile:


Never know TC cud come with an update…would be killer on tr8s



Or Hottentottenstottertrottelschwiegermutterattentaeterlattengitterwetterkotterbeutelratte.


I used one of the MPC Live’s Q-Links to put this little jam together. Midi clock to the 8S. THIS is my combo. There’s some old EMU Extreme Lead Rompler action to!


The condition that you can’t be fully creative with a drum machine that does not have trigger conditions:





I’ve been looking for a name for my new minimal techno stuff, thanks.


‚ÄúSchlagzeug‚ÄĚ means all percussive instruments including drums, which is more appropriate in the case of the TRs, as e.g. 808 cowbells are not in the Trommel family, which all have membranes. A drum computer is not a Trommelrechner, it‚Äôs a Schlagzeugrechner in my opinion. Rhythmusrechner would work too, as it does rythms.


Jesus F Christ - that sounds like a zerg throwing up.


All this talk of no trig conditions makes me wanna reach for my bustenhalterberechnungskontrol…


There is an app for that (B√ľstenhalterberechnungstabelle):


Yes, I did indeed click on that link…


Is this actually true? It looks like it works Elektron style* in this video:

  • given a pattern 12345678, Elektron style p-locking of x on step 6 would be 12345x78 whereas the Circuit and Korg style p-locking would be 12345xxx


The step parameter locks are latching on the TR8S, so it’s a bit different then the trig locks on an elektron sequencer. Kind of like sending midi cc values from a DAW. if you send midi cc to open up the filter on your synth it stays open until you send a new value.

Edit : Don’t own one myself, only read about it.


In that video he has set a motion parameter on every step, so each step is ‚Äúlocked‚ÄĚ. If he turned the motion record off and added a bunch of new trigs in between the ones he‚Äôd already set, they would play with the parameter value of the last locked step, until another one with a locked parameter value plays.

The SE-02 sequencer works the same way.