Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


You can load both mono and stereo samples


If there was an option to clear all kits at once I would have done it by now too. Personally I haven’t bothered as I never use the 808 kit so it wouldn’t help me. I have created my own default 909 kit and I just copy that whenever I want a default kit.


I’ve made a new ER-1 kit. Is anyone interested in this one? Let me know and I will upload.


I usually just randomly start with any kit. I like that because FX settings, pan, etc are already set up. Then I just tweak to taste rather than start from scratch.


But I have created/tweaked a kit that’s my go to lately. Has all my FX, assignable outs, etc ready to go. Create new pattern and assign that kit. That really helps.


Yes. Yes. please. Your kits rule. Thank you!


Sorry for the delay, had a busy few days. Here is the Electribe ER-1 kit for TR-8S :smiley:

@atimchak @CitizenJ


Using the Tr8S trigger out to the SH01a. The SH01a is becoming my favorite synth. So simple. So versatile


both Red Dog and Rimmers are indicating more units into the UK this week or next…


Trying to break out of a rut. Just going for it with the trigger out to to the Toraiz


The more I play with this thing the more I appreciate Elektron’s sequencers… I sooooo badly want trig conditions on my TR.


autofill not doing it for you as a similar sort of pattern evolution tactic?


Haha, nice! I was starting to feel worried for your DJS-1000.


HAHA! That’s the Toraiz AS-1 my friend :slight_smile:

You can feel bad for the Toraiz sampler. It’s currently in the corner like a kid that got punished :confused:


Yea. There’s not much random about the TR8S. You could set an LFO to the gain/volume to get sounds to come in and out randomly though.

Or…tap the trigs in and out yourself :wink:


Also, if any one is looking for an 8S - Patchwerks in Seattle appears to have some


I miss 'em a little too, but I also really appreciate that with the TR8S you have 8 pattern variations and can assign 2 of them to be fills. You have to play your variations instead of program them, which is what I think you can boil down the main differences between the machines to (playability vs programmability)


I guess I would miss PRE, NOT-PRE, NEI-, and NOT-NEI the most due to the unique kinds of rhythmic counterpoint you can get quickly with these. 80% of the fun in the x:y types seems to be covered pretty well by the 8 variations that can be chained and auto-filled at certain bar intervals. Not a huge fan of the probability based TRC for beats personally


I’m still a bit confused about the CTRL/parameter recording. Is it right that you can only have automation of 1 parameter per track at any given time?

Is it then still possible to edit the other parameters after you recorded a CTRL line? Using the value encoder?

What if you change the parameter assigned to CTRL when you already have a modulation going on? Does the new parameter starts being modulated and the previous ones sits at the last value of the automation before the change?


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