Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)




New kit for you guys!!

The “x0x Kit” consists of 909 ACB Kick, Snare and hats plus some cool 101 and 303 samples I recorded, including a nice chord sample from the SH-01A.



You. Are. The. Man. Thank you Xox!


And just to whet appetites more, I was jamming last night after a week off and I swear an hour went by in a heartbeat, with me dancing in my chair for most of it. It is just plain fun. But when ready to record, the sound is so punchy and tight, really balancing options plus limits to get stuff done. In short, Roland really did a great job with this unit. And to repeat myself ad nauseum - this plus and MD is all the drumz you should ever need.


Seems like it would be massive! Any sketches using that combo you’d care to share here, please @atimchak ?


new firmware


Does anyone know if the optimize bug is fixed yet? I’ve got some samples appearing with the wrong name, but last time I tried to optimize it made things worse.


Anyone know how to do an empty reset? There’s a lot of garbage presets (kits & patterns) and I’d rather make beats than spend time deleting all that nonsense. From the manual all I can figure out is a factory reset, which basically does the exact opposite.

actually patterns are pretty easy: [clear] + pattern. derp.
now kits… ?


You can only clear them to the default 808 kit.


That’s quite annoying

EDIT: I suppose you could copy any kit over the other kits. Would take some time though



just to clearify: saved Kits contain the samples as well? The kit is only 900kb or so… really small samples then.





Yes they do


The tr-8 had some kind of 808 emulation on the sequencer that you could turn off.

Does the tr-8s have this as well? Also wondering if it’s some kind of ACB-modelling of the sequencer or just a slight adjustment in timing?


I went through and cleared all the kits (basically ~#8-70) by hand. It wasn’t terrible, but it was monotonous. I’m ok with the default kit being an 808. It would be a whole different story if the default kit used “yeeaaahhh!” and “c’mon!” samples. Thankfully that wasn’t the case.


Curious why you did that?


I kept the default kits… some of them are useful and there’s plenty of empty user kits anyway.


Just personal preference. To me it’s the difference between this thing feeling like a fresh new drum machine rather than an MC505.

I kept the basic x0x kits for starting points, but when it comes to anything else I usually know exactly what I have in mind or I want to explore on my own. I find making a kit from scratch (or in this case just a basic 808 kit) is less distracting than modifying something that’s already there and kind of annoying to begin with.


I see, makes sense. I often hear about people clearing the demo kits/patterns/etc. of new drum machines and I was just curious.



I’ll get there - reorganized the studio with the TR-8s between the MDUW on the left and the OT on the right, but plan to record this weekend.