Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


You can layer more than one tone/sample on the TR-8S. Up to eleven I think.


Where do we get some Jomox alpha base samples to use in TR8S :sunglasses:


Yeah, you are right. Actually opens up a lot of possibilities, sacrificing voices for having more options.

I really have to fight an urge to try that damn thing out… I do not need another drum machine, but…



Can always layer samples in a daw first then transfer as one wav :wink:


You may find this handy:


Not the quite same thing.

The two voices layered in the machine can be controlled independently, e.g., have different velocity values on the filter env, or being affected differently by the LFO. It would be nice to know if the CNTL-Parameter can be motion recorded or P-Locked independently - can any owner here confirm that?

Would be great to have that option.


Will try tonight. (I never felt the need to layer)



thank you.

While you are at it: which parameters of the sample engine can be set to CTRL-Knob. The manual seems to be a bit unclear - I’d love to modulate the filter env, but can not see whether that is possible.

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Yes… but just to be precise, automation is not elektron’s p-lock style on the TR-8S: when you set a value for a step, the automated parameter stays at this value until another step is automated (or you manually change it).


That’s how it is done, sadly, on the Novation Circuit as well. Good to know, thank you.


I’m on GearSlutz to - but I took a couple minutes before work this morning to cook up another idea. I’m digging the trigger outs from the 8S to the SH and AS-1


Haven’t upgraded firmware yet - is there an improvement in the trigger out behaviour? It was a bit hit and miss before ?


Not sure if looping has been touched on.
If bpm of a one bar loop is matched with TR8S does the loop cycle smoothly.


Filter Env Depth is available for the control knob


yes !


So all normal sample params are within reach of being modulation sequenced… great news. Thank you very much, no reason now for me not to order… damn.


Where is this available for sale at, specifically in Canada or internationally? I can’t find it available anywhere except places that ONLY ship within the United States!


No-one currently has any as the first batch was pretty small - 2nd batch is due 2nd week of may. Everywhere should be taking pre-orders


Sure it´s 2nd week of may? Gear4music told me to excpect it around 18-20 april.


Best place to order? I assume Sweetwater will be pretty swamped with pre-orders.