Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


My $.00002… It’s essentially this kind of behavior that makes me prefer synths over sample-based stuff…

Granted, my primary electronic music is techno and/or berlin school synth stuff (i.e. highly repetitive crap my wife can’t stand), but it’s the minor variations with synths, especially analog ones, in this music style that add subtle variations that gives your mind something to latch onto that’s moving…

I hate dance/techno where every, damn, hit, is, exactly, the, same…

But I think it’s kinda cute people freak out when synth-based gear acts like, well, synths… :slight_smile:

(BTW, this was not direct at you @tsutek, I just replied in the wrong spot! :slight_smile: )

My poor Rytm now knows what a cheated-on lover feels like I think… Don’t worry honey, I’ll be back… I’m just hanging out with a japanese chick for a while. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I also used the D-05 and SH-01A. Samples are from various plug ins (Korg M1 and Massive)


I know what you mean. I love my MPC live because you can always have 4 round robin samples for this, easy to add just a touch of modulation to a drumsound, especially hihats.

But tbh it doesn’t kill me if nothing changes, as long as it works… I’m ”that guy” who thinks 1bar locked groove vinyl loops are ”songs” whereas a busy complextro tune can just sound boring and annoying :nyan:


N O i S E . 1 !


Those locked grooves. I know what you mean.

The good ones might just be really good programming and production. I have a bunch from the 90s.

I’m not a synth guy. I prefer samples. BUT. The D-05 and SH101 produce some really good classic sounds and aren’t as daunting to edit.

I sample my synths.


Here’s an idea I started this morning. I’ll see if it goes anywhere…


The main thing I don’t understand is why the designers would make the arguably least used knob also the biggest knob


This happens a lot with other manufacturers too. I don’t get it either. The tempo on my Engine is massive.


The tempo knob is HUGE…

Another idea after work. Ran out of time to arrange parts and the swooshes and sweeps…but playing with an idea


I looked for information in the manual about the programmability of the ACB voices but couldn’t find anything. How much control do u have over an ACB voice compared to say a BD voice on Rytm.


Totally depends on the acb tone category. Look the reference manual at pages 30/31.


TR 8S is way behind programmability compared to Rytm. The main point missing is the capability to layer the synth voice with a sample. You can set attack behavior, tune enevelope on TR8S modelled sounds, and what is editable for all tunes (panning and such), but there is no equivalent to the various parameters of the synth machines of the rytm and the various methods to use the filter to sculpt the sound. The LFO on the Rytm works per voice, on the TR8S, you only have one LFO for all voices.

TR8S has, however, one insert effect per voice, so you use distortion and compressor with individual settings, which makes up for the limited choices.

The point of the TR8S is not, I think, its programmability I believe it beats the Rytm in accessability and performance features.


Yes ! Programmability vs jammability (is this even a word ? ).


And more importantly, you don’t need all those parameters on the ACB voices, because with a few single controls, you’ve got the sound you need…unlike
with the Rytm, where you spend ages programming a single kick drum, only to realise it sounds like ass & you end up replacing it with a Roland TR sample anyway… :wink:


lol… been there, done that :joy:


I do like a challenge… Once you got to that great Kick on the Rytm, or that warm pad on the A4, these sounds are truly yours. The Elektron boxes are the most challenging pieces of gear I own, and I like them for that. After an afternoon with an A4, every VST synth I own appears to be comfy like an old shoe.

Playing TR 808 samples is for cheaters, like shooting fish in a barrel.

I will buy myself a TR 8S anyway, and challenge myself by trying to program complex drones on it :wink:


Making music with drum machines is for cheaters, like riding with stabilizers :joy:


Does the TR8S colour your samples at all. Guess without a filter it should not.


Nice post!

While I haven’t converted my wife to a full fledged fan of Techno, she does have an appreciation for it now. She has worked in fancy wine, cigar, craft beer, establishments for a long time. So I applied her sense and appreciation for the subtleties in those to Techno, and she got it rather quickly.

Did a little analogy comparison to the different notes in a nice wine or scotch with some of the subtle tonal or rhythmic changes in the music. She said “wow!”. It’s by no means her favorite music, but she gets why I like it now.

(I also referenced the Ratatouille scene where he combines the cheese and fruit :smiley: )


It’s transparent (without filters & fx).