Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


I read reports that moving all 11 fader at the same time as fast as possible doesn’t make it stutter anymore.

Also: Kit switching now seems to be scary fast and could be even used as performance feature. You can scroll through all kits and it switches them instantaneously without any stutter.

Nice to see Roland fixing bugs that fast :slight_smile:


Man I do not need another drum machine but this thing looks awesome :woman_shrugging:


loving mine so far.

great news re the update - will get that installed later, but it’s hands-down the best all-round drum-machine I’ve ever had, all things considered.


Damnit stop! :]


Agreed, such a great machine!!


Oh damn that was quick! And with 2 new kits from Xox to play with!

I haven’t done a deep dive yet, but clearly there are kits associated with patterns, and I’ve read in the manual that you can turn this off via the global “sw” utility, but I’ve done that and it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have to save the system first?

Are you guys having issues with the kit switching to the preset kit too?

And sorry if I’ve missed something basic.



I have another Kit on the way, keep an eye on my YouTube channel :slight_smile:


Wow - you are so generous Xox! Thanks!


Looks like a new firmware is out. I haven’t updated but I’m actually excited about the trigger out update. I’ve been into that lately and noticed issues.


haven’t done any triggering yet…

new firmware update was a breeze though.

Most importantly it cures that pattern/kit change gap thing totally - no problem at all now to hot-swap between patterns /kits. Live performance dream :slight_smile:


So happy about this. Now you’re not limited to just one kit and its sounds.


So just to be clear, once you adjust the master “Sw” setting, you can change kits but keep the same pattern without any lag time? Kickass!


So just to follow up on my own post, yes this works, but frustratingly there is no global assign out menu - you have to go into each kit and save your output configuration (for those who want to separate channels.) I suppose once this is done and saved per kit (to 90 kits, bleh) it won’t be an issue, but maybe they’ll do a workaround in an update.


Had my first go with the tr-8s last night and it was a lot of fun. It actually felt like I was jamming and not just working/programming the same the same beat to death. It’s nice to have a ‘dumb’ drum machine again.


So if you enable the TR-8S to send pgm changes to the machindrum not only can you change kits seamlessly on the TR-8S but you can do so at the same time on the machinedrum for even more mayhem. It’s like they were made for eachother and their sounds complement eachother so well.

There’s few things better when it comes to gear when a new piece of kit brings life into older gear…


Hoping it pairs nicely with A4. All going to plan a month or so till I can afford…


Even as a rytm user, MD + TR8S sounds like a killer combo! The immediacy of Roland combined with the depth of elektron, whats not to like :diddly:


Tr-8s + DN is proving to be quite fun. DN provides just enough Elektron complexity and tr-8s provides just enough ‘jammability’. I’m also loving the trig out o the tr-8s - trig’ing other step sequencers is such a fun thing to do, especially without having to sacrifice a voice for it. I do wish the trig track on the tr-8s could have its own last step, but it seems like this is not possible. It’s still better than nothing, though.


I just got over a really bad flu like cold - happy to be playing with the 8S again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :blush:


I like that! It sounded great. Was that all tr8s?