Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Thank you guys! I really appreciate the feedback. Seriously :slightly_smiling_face:

The 8S has some inspiration. Or it’s just too easy to use :wink:


That demo pushed me over the edge.

Plus all the ditties @djadonis206 has been cranking out…

Who wants to buy an ARmkI?


This track was released today :slight_smile:

You can stream or download here (from Spotify, iTunes and Deezer) here


I made a CR-78 Kit for the TR-8S for ya’ll :sunglasses:

You can download it from the video description :drum:


Love the kick on that!


Nice track! Kinda like mixing some acid and trance with a Turrican game’s soundtrack.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the CR-78 kit!

For those above who asked about a comparison of the Rytm and the TR-8S - I got rid of my Rytm for a TR-8S and the sound is so much better to me. I know this may be blasphemy, but it really is impressively more present and the kicks…just…boom.

And I am a huge Elektron fan.

Now for the big funs - I took the midi out from my TR-8S into my MDUW, changed the midi notes in the TR-8S menu so all the sounds on the TR-8S match with the sounds on the machinedrum so I effectively have an “expander” so every pattern will play corresponding notes in the MDUW - which I have routed to my cirklon so I can use multiple other synths to play drums as well (just have to transpose them up.)

Add in the the OT and I am still a huge Elektron fanboy but I don’t feel bad about losing the Rytm.


Well, no… I did the same (I’m keepingg my DT though).


Ok, so the TR-8s sequencer sends midi note data?! I’ve read that it doesn’t… How about ratcheting and flams? Are they also sent out as midi notes?


It certainly works for me sending midi data to the MDUW. Pretty sure with flams et al. Will confirm tonight.

You have to change the midi notes to match it though. I adjusted my MDUW so BD is C0 and so on, so have to do the same on the TR-8S. Only takes about 5 minutes and doesn’t lose it’s setting when you change kits or patterns or shut it off!


Confirmed that the TR-8S sends sub step/flam data, works perfectly sent to the MDUW. So if you mute the track on the TR-8S it mutes the midi send as well, but if you just pull the fader down, you can mix the two sounds to taste.

Now to see about whether the MIDI CC numbers will also make the TR-8S send the MDUW into more mindbending territory.


Messing around with the echo and reverb


Thanks for checking.
If you automate some of the knob parameters (like decay and tune) on the tr-8s, doey it output recorded midi cc?


Thanks for the information. It’s no doubt a really nice drum machine and it sounds (from what I’ve heard so far on youtube and soundcloud) really nice. Need to find a store and try one out for myself.


I made another kit to share.

This time I made the kit in Microtonic and then sampled it for the TR-8S. Instead of Toms I made a few bass sounds.

The download link is in the video description…


Sounds great! Reduces my ever-diminishing interest in the Bassbot TT-78, which appears to be a nice machine, but suffers from lack of MIDI Program Change support.


One of the videos I watched said it, I think it was a Roland employee IIRC.


An update has dropped - seems to address some of the issues mentioned here re faders, kit switching etc

Update history
[ Ver.1.03 ] APR 2018
Functionality Improvements
Performance when a number of level faders are operated simultaneously has been improved.
The required time and the timing of kit switching that occurs when PATTERN are changed has been improved.
The pulse waveform when outputting a trigger-out pulse from the ASSIGNABLE OUT/TRIGGER OUT jacks has been improved.
Other minor improvements in operation were made.
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
When the external clock is in operation, effects fail to correctly synchronize with the tempo.
Other minor bugs.


It’s interesting to see the word “improved” rather than “fixed”. I guess if it’s no longer noticeable then that’s fine