Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


I compared my TR-08 and TR-09 ACB sounds (which the TR-8s uses) to the Rytm analog machines, no contest, the ACB sounds despite not being analog, have much more presence in the kicks, toms, claps, rim shots and snares than the AR, the AR fares more or less equivalent or better for hats and cymbals though.

I do not know about the sample side though as I don’t have an 8s, but I’d imagine the AR probably holds its own or may even be better. I have not yet experimented with loading ACB samples into the Rytm as transfer does not work with mkI and C6 does not work very well.


I compared the two side-by-side and sound-wise there is really no question for me: TR hands down. Of course, this may be a matter of taste, I didn’t make any objective tests.


Can’t do a side by side comparison. But I owned a Rytm. The TR 8S sounds better. Clearer. Crisper. Punchier.


My Rytm is giving me the side-eye…



where did you hear about, that the 8s uses the 08 & 09 ACBs? a roland guy said in a product video, that the tr-8s uses the tr-8 ACBs … and not 08 & 09 …


Finished my first full track with the TR-8S. I’m loving it so far, great sounding drum machine and the effects are top notch. The compressor/drive effect sounds great on the 909 Kick. I used the 909 kit but swapped out a couple of the ACB tones with factory samples.


Very nice. Intense and powerful. All TR-8S, or are those flashing lights from them other machines doing more than just provide a cool backdrop?:blush:


The TR8S has new released models of 08,09 ,707,727 ACBs as the ACBs chips in this baby are more powerful so they tweaked the models to take advantage of this extra resolution. For better or worse only time will tell as more information comes to light on what they changed exactly. Im reading reports already that some users prefer the original TR8 models and others prefer the TR8S models.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I used the MB-33 for acid, the electribe for supersaw and sub bass, the SH-01A for the other basslines and the JU-06 for the pad/strings (run through the MX-1 for a sequenced filter effect). The Digitakt was used for the Bomb sample.


Well, lots of good things going on there, I really enjoyed this one. Excellent stuff.


Thanks Andreas, where’s your music at?


That’d be here:

A mix of the good, the bad and stuff in progress😊


Digging it! Thanks for sharing


Inspired me to make another little demo


Man, you’re on fire with this thing! This track’s playing as I’m serving breakfast to the family. They’re letting you know they dig it too​:blush::man:t2::woman:t3::girl:t2::boy:t3::baby:t3:


It did physically make my head bob… The end’s awesome… There’s something about that groove, it’s legit…


This one is exceptionally good. Please start making and selling proper tracks!


Thanks, will check it out




There’s a new long video from the perfect circuit audio clinic yesterday. It seems that the 5+ faders glitch is fixed in the version they’re using. Check out minute 12:00 and following, the roland rep is moving 6 faders at once several times and the timing seems fine.

They’re also saying that there will be an os update in the next days/weeks with improvements.
I will pull the trigger when you can assign the start/end point values of a sample to the Ctrl knob :slight_smile: