Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Some tech with motion rec…


I’ve had a Rytm since they were released and I love writing stuff on it, but I don’t like ‘playing’ it. TR-8s seems much more improv-friendly. I’ve also been giving the Digitakt a go, but again don’t enjoy ‘playing’ it (I’m not into the CTRL-ALL mess-everything-up vibe, which seems to be about the one ‘live’ trick it has up its sleeve). TR-8s and MPC 1000 are really looking like a nicer combination to me than Rytm & Digitakt, but I’ll wait till I can try a TR-8s out in a store before I make any moves.

The fader bug is a little off-putting, but it seems like it could be fixed. I tried throwing 4+ track level CCs at the Digitakt from a Launch Control XL and though it never messes up the timing, it takes a good 1.5s to ramp all the track levels from 127 to 0. But this is what track mutes are for.


That is a relevant distinction to make I think, the TR-8s is really all about immediacy and live jamming, the Rytm is capable of more intricate programmable control, with some live performance features but not as immediate to use or set up.


Absolutely loving my new TR-8S! This thing is a monster. The built in effects are really usable. Especially loving the Tape Delay!


Another attempt with the Tb-03


Not that it’s special, but I’m pretty excited and content with this setup. I do own a DT so I still qualify for this forum, right :slight_smile:


Nice one. About those arps - of all the ways you can work with samples chromatically in this device, which method did you use? And was it painful? I hear a lot about the TR-8S being tricky with chromatic tweaks of samples, but I also hear a lot of scales and stuff, so it makes me wonder, how hard can it be?


It’s possible I haven’t looked hard enough but I’ve yet to find the specification of the DC voltage and current draw (amps) for the TR-8S. Would someone mind looking at their wall-wart and confirming, please? I’m miles from a music shop with one in stock.

I’ve got the highly-configurable Omnicharge 20 battery pack so I’m hoping it might be a candidate for an off-grid / portable setup.

Thanks in advance.


Google for “Roland PSD-230”.




I like your desk. It’s kind messy but tidy at the same time.

Here’s mine, must have ocd as everything needs to be straight. I guess was the only way to fit it in though


Thanks @t

5.7V if anyone else wondering.


And it’s really strict about that. 5V won’t work. I got mine with a power supply that had a UK plug and I thought I’d try an universal PSU instead.


:slight_smile: I’m just the opposite. I try to only keep what’s actually being used on the table. And I need a more organic and natural setting. Plus I hate long cables.


I used one of the built in Triangle OSC samples. Created 5 tracks with the same sample, and coarse tuned them individually. You could probably just create 1, and then tune it per track, but then you lose the ability to use any other CTRL features.

Also MAKE SURE you have Motion turned on, if you want to tune steps. Even if you don’t apply it WITH the motion recorder, it will not play back without it on. This took me quite a few hours of frustration to figure out why It would keep playing the same note over and over again!


Ok, thanks, good to know. I’m not shopping for one now, but if I’d ever get the bug for it, this part would be crucial for me.


How does TR8S compare with Electribe MX/SX SD models ?is it as good as the two Korg boxes combined ?----I would imagine that would be a fair boxing match?


While the mx/sx had awesome features, the sound of the TR is a lot better IMO.


I just finished my first track with the TR-8S and the new ACB tones do sound awesome, much better than the TR-8 I’ve been using for the last 4 years. The effects sound great too, loads to choose from and plenty of control. Definitely worth upgrading if anyone is on the fence.


Has anyone with an AR been able to do a general sound comparison against the TR-8S?