Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


at least this one can save its content :joy:



i’m afraid there are probably smaller timing issues (not so obvious) when only using one fader. You want the sequencer to be rock solid.


totally agree. It’s a massive issue! How can you ship it like this?


big bug


Can’t say I’ve noticed


ditto. I don’t have flying fingers though.


i bet they’ll get these issues sorted, it just seems that when Roland promotes the TR8s’ power, in the form of directness, fun, and immediacy they should add in “but don’t throw more than four faders at once until the next update” just to be real about things. I’d actually respect that type of honesty because well all talk on forums anyway lol.


Well good that you are OK with it :slight_smile: I couldn’t work with a sequencer that doesn’t have rock solid timing. I will wait and see, I still have Tempest trauma.


Your Soundcloud tracks speak for themselves. Haven’t heard any timing issues in any of those tracks.

Let he who has heard timing issues on any of those track post the name of the track and exactly where on the timeline the timing issue occurs


There is something seriously wrong with the 808 Bass2 on the TR-8S. Can others confirm?

Set all BD param knobs at 12 o’clock. Set a 4/4 kick pattern. Now turn the Decay knob to 100%. You might be able to clear fluctuations now in the volume of each hit. Now turn the Tune knob to it’s minimum setting. It gets way worse right? It seems to settle after a while but there is definitly some weird sh1t going on. Try it with 808 Bass1 Long. That’s pretty bad too.

It seems to be an issue with 808 Bass1 too, but not quite so obvious.


When I had a real 808, many many years ago, I remember being worried/shocked by how the BD behaved with full decay. It sounds like Roland did a really good job of emulating how the actual 808 sounds when the decay is set at max.


Partnered up the TR. Finding my flow, slowly


Did you test this on your TR-8S?


Nothing wrong; that’s how an 808 behaves. :slight_smile:


You have a TR-8S and TR-808 to confirm?


I found this old thread on GS.


Guessing the 808 kick has envelopes that do not reset on every hit, therefore accumulating charge? Could explain this sorta behaviour… If so, that’d be a very obvious thing for Roland to model, its not subtle and affects dynamism greatly.


kinda like the 303 capacitors that won’t fully discharge between successive accents.


I have not heard a TR-8s doing this so can’t comment on the accuracy of its 808 BD behaviour, but on a TR-808 with the decay set such that it has not fully decayed before the next hit, you get what sounds like a similar effect to what is being described - basically the TR-808 bass drum is a resonant filter almost at the point of oscillation, whenever it is triggered it ‘excites’ the filter into starting to oscillate, if the oscillation is still occurring from a previous hit when a new hit arrives it can’t stop, which is a very similar behaviour to how a real drum with a long decay would behave - unless you damped it first. You can easily experiment with a resonant filter that can self oscillate and create a similar effect, the resonance will set the ‘decay time’ and the cutoff will set the pitch, send a very short pulse into the filters input and adjust the resonance and cutoff to make all kinds of analog percussion sounds.